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Full Version: Cannonball run
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Hi, as the topic say their is a great deal of underground racing in the six world... the year is 2071

well inpired from the cannonballrun... and the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash

this year the race will be from the redball garage in N.Y. to the port of Miami in the Carabeen League ... a run about 1295mi (2083 kms)
the rules are simple;

- any ground vehicules on wheels are allowed
- drive as fast from point "A" to point "B" without crashing or cause accident
- don't use violence (specialy against law inforcement)
- entry price is 5000 nuyens and only one grand price 200 000 nuyens to the winner

remember you have to pass 3 customs .... U.C.A.S , C.A.S. and the Carabeen League custom.

so I need you my felow dumpshockers to pimps your fast cars and put out a duo or trio to run this rally

don't hesitate to put funny stuff

so far on the 60-70 participant their will be ;
a pimped delivery van GMC Hermes Van piloted by a Physad with improve skill ; pilot ground craft , specialisation wheels (trucks)
a crazy jamaïcan taxy driver with a Mage copilot that change the appearence of the vehicule with a vehicule mask .. and other nasty tricks
a nightsky limo with a old timer rigger and a Johnson physad social adept ... good way to talk your way out of a speeding ticket ... and drive the attention on others racer instead
a team of orc on a vicking bike ... the one in the sidecar is a nasty hacker

so post yours crazy dessign and idea !!

fast cars are great but don't forget the cool factor cuz those race will be broadcast on pay per view... and originals are sellings!

The Jopp
A Free spirit named KITT inhibiting a sportscar with Movement och Guard
QUOTE (The Jopp @ Dec 23 2008, 01:03 PM) *
A Free spirit named KITT inhibiting a sportscar with Movement och Guard

Or a sprite from the matrix
QUOTE (The Jopp @ Dec 23 2008, 07:03 PM) *
A Free spirit named KITT inhibiting a sportscar with Movement och Guard

game over, thats a winner...

movement power will make a golf cart break the sound barrier and set a new land speed record...
first thing first:

you could call a spirit to do movement and then enjoy the ride for about 6 second when the car falls appart and slam into an obstacle dont forget that realspace and astral are not always the same and spirit dont see the same thing as us. Also the amount of energy the spirit would have to deploy is simply staggering. We are talking about hevily modified industrial material and we all know how much spirits like that.

and toxic magic zones, astral hickup, easy astral targetting ... any police force worth their salt will simply put 3 to 6 shaman in astral space and no matther how fast that spirist push your cart, the shaman will outrun you, blast that spirit out of the astral and you can kiss your kart goodbye.

And it has no style and is no fun at all!

The more I think about it and the more I beleave that such a race would not just be about speed but about style and underground rating as well.

you get points by getting attention witout resorting to violance and folowing the code. You need a certain amout of rating to get the first pick up object location. (checkpoint)

here is the golden rule : if you ca do it, all the others would do too. So why arent we seeing cars breaking the speed of sound on the highway? Not even one?

spirits can probably give you a boost like a magical nitro kit but no more lets be serious about it. And how can anyone control anything at that speed on the ground? and what if the spirit takes a sharp curve do you get the G-force? acelleration deceleration? youre body will probably turn into small mash potato.

common sense.
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