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Full Version: Transgenic Alteration
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Hi Folks,

it sounds curious but X-Mas struck me with some crazy ideas. I am not sure if this is possible. I have looked at my books and couldnt find anything that forbid this but i am not a perfect rules lawyer and now i may ask the people here what they think.

Is it possible to get the Type-0 and the Biocompatibility Qualities as Transgenic Alteration? In Runners Companion it mentioned that all Metagenic Qualities may be taken as Transgenic Alteration as long as they arent magic or exist as Bioware/Cyberware. Also Type-0 and Biocompatibility count as Metagenic Qualities according Runners Companion (Page 110). What do you think? Are my reading of the rules right or do i overlook something?

And what if you have allready Biocompatibility for Bioware bought during Character creation with your regular qualities? Could you get a second Biocompatibility (for Cyberware) due to Transgenic Alteration? The quality mentioned it could only be taken once (as a Quality) but what if you get it a second time due to Transgenic Alteration for the other ware?

Thank you for your answers.

Best wishes and Merry X-Mas,
Type-O System is not a Metagenic Quality, & thus is not available as a Transgenic Alteration.

Biocompatability, however, would work. Keep in mind however that the Metagenic Transgenic Alteration is optional and (even if being used) requires GM approval, as detailed in its description.
Hi Muspellsheimr,

thank you for your answer. Opps, my bad. I have thought i had read Type-0 also ?! That must be the remainig alcohol from the X-Mas party wink.gif

But get Biocompatibility as Transgenic is fine, anyway devil.gif Maybe i can now squeeze some more ware in my NPC. The only thing i am unsure is if you can get indead Biocompatibility for Bioware (as a Quality) during Character generation and Biocompatibility for Cyberware (as a Metagenic Alteration) during gameplay. I havent found anything that rules against it, but arent sure ether. What do you think?

Thank you and best wishes,
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