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Full Version: Character Critique: Kaelan Aserus
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So, this guy's at a sort of weapons specialist/assassin/sam/freelancer with a bit of a twist with his qualities. Made with our normal houserules(Availability limits are cut out, so everything is fair game.)

The Numbers:

[ Spoiler ]

The Gear:

[ Spoiler ]


[ Spoiler ]

So I wanted to try to utilize the Dependent quality, as it seems to be something rather cool to do. With his weapons, I made sure to purchase the most bare-bones models I could of things, because he loves tinkering with them, and makes an art out of it; it's something that calms him and that he just enjoys; he's quite the master with weapons-tweaking. He does have 10 Karma left to play with, though; and that's actually another skill(or 2 if I take rating 1's.) I'm just not sure what else I can see the guy with. His knowledges are a fair range; the Occult is more of an interest to him. The background isn't the most original, but I ran with something. I also need to pick a benefit from his Lv. 1 Tae Kwan Do-I could toss another DV on but he already hits for 11P, which is like a truck.

Working in the kid will be rather interesting; having to hide what he really does-but he wants to, at the same time, wants to make sure he can defend himself. The boy knows he has the weapons, and he figures it's better that he at least knows how to use him properly(I admit, there's a tiny bit of the classic assassin-with-the-kid thing here; some slight influence from the Professional, Lone Wolf & Cub, etc.)

Tried to balance his skills so he's not only good at kicking in heads or shooting things; he's really sneaky between his skill and Agility, and has enough social skills to help out, though he might could use more here. For an elf he's not Captain Charisma, but he is more of a low-key kind of guy; good at taking orders, but sometimes can take control if need be. His high Armorer skill will be fun, and coupled with his Artisan/Metalworking, he can nearly make his own weapons when he gets his hands on a facility, which I just didn't have the nuyen for at the start. He does have over 5,000 nuyen left to spend on things, though. I guess I can find some more gear odds/ends, or maybe another ID, or maybe even some parts for him to mod weapons with.

I also would like him to have a SIN, but I don't have the points left for the SINner flaw. Do you need that quality to have a SIN? If not, then what's the difference between having a SIN and being a SINner?
QUOTE (ElFenrir @ Dec 27 2008, 02:10 AM) *
I also would like him to have a SIN, but I don't have the points left for the SINner flaw. Do you need that quality to have a SIN? If not, then what's the difference between having a SIN and being a SINner?

Yes you kinda need that flaw, but if you don't insist on getting points for it I'm prettty sure you GM would be ok with you having it.(if he's not a total dick grinbig.gif )
It is after all mostly a background think.
Oh, yeah...I think if I talk to the GM, he'd let me take the free SINner flaw. I don't want or need points from it; but his other flaws are sort of worked in well already, so I just can't take anymore. But a FREE flaw? Not many GMs would argue with that, I guess. grinbig.gif
Oki, decided to also take +1 Knockdown for the Tae Kwan Do(adjusted it above). Figured I could use it in a nice combo(knockdown/Finishing Blow with a +2 for the person to be prone, if that works.)

For the last money, I think it's going to be a Rating 3 fake ID(a backup), 500 nuyen worth of spare parts to upgrade things with, Extreme Environment mod level 1 for his Ruger and Assault Rifle for 200 total, and that leaves about 2,000 left still to spend(I didn't add this yet though, just in case. 5700 is a fair little amount to play with in this.)

Still can't decide what to spend the 10 karma on. I'm good with large amounts, but I admit, with the smaller amounts sometimes I have trouble deciding where it should go.
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