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Full Version: Augmentation Errata
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Just curious. I found an Augmentation Second Printing at my FLGS but no errata file on

I also let him know that there was a Street Magic second edition with a different stock and ISBN although I didn't have it handy. He'd been ordering the old FanPro stock number (26004) and had several copies of Unwired on the shelf smile.gif

Just to kick this on up. Upon reading the Unwired PDF post, my question is the same (perhaps my title isn't quite as informative though, sorry). I've seen the second printing of Augmentation. Does it contain corrections and if so, is there an errata coming or updated PDF, or is it just because shops have run out smile.gif

Prime Mover
Any Augmentation Errata in near future? IRC I was told it was a couple of months ago it was almost ready and just held up due to crazy schedule.
I'm also keen to get my hands on one of these since I have 1st printing, and I'm eagerly awaiting official word that I can use my Control Rig Booster nanites and Simsense Booster cyberware. smile.gif

Robert (aka Spanner)
Prime Mover
I know there were some questions about penetration values on a few things.....lots of other questions im sure, but that one sticks out for some reason.
Edit: Maybe some cyber dart errata to help determine how to use the dart guns in SR4A properly.
Prime Mover
Found Adams post from June.
*scratches head*

There's an Augmentation errata, because we did reprint the book with corrections early in '08. Marked as second printing on p. 3.

However, it looks like it never made it to the site, and I have an awesomely complex email chain discussing parts of the errata ... so in order to put an errata up, I gotta:

* Dig up the actual errata file.
* Add in the changes we made during the email chain.
* Verify that SR4A hasn't further impacted it.

Will get added to the TODO list. After "Finish Seattle or die."

Thankfully Adam survived Seattle!
Probably needs the reminder about the errata, though.
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