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Full Version: Different type of character sheet
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Recently I got tired of of having basically an excel file that was kinda filled in and made no sense. My GM said I had to clean it up. So instead of just putting everything correctly, I also came up with a neat little character sheet that can be used for other characters as well.

The idea is that it's compatible with the resource workbook I made during the summer.

It's specifically designed for use for online games. So that the GM can quickly view things off the sheet.

Character sheet (filled in)

Any comments?

Edit: Uups put it under Shadowrun when it should have gone under community projects. My mistake.
I can only wish my players were this organized. It's a nightmare going through their records 90% of the time.
Nice. Well organized.

But, it keeps making me want to say:
"Damn! And I thought my OCD was bad."

You should upload a "not filled in" version for those Dumpshockers who don't have an OCD of their own to force these kinds of developments.

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