These are all from my Christmas game.


GM: Okay, now that you're ready, I'm turning it over and taking over her character. Morri, you're the GM now.

Morrigana: GM? I'm in charge? The power... The power... I FEEL THE POWER! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

GM: *sighs* Someone taser Morri and reset her, please?


The PCs have just been pulled over by a random Lone Star patrol. The cop, on his walkup to the driver's window, has seen the assault cannons and missile launchers that are partially buried under a LOT of ammunition. The people inside are not even bothering to hide their cyberwear, most of which looks at least military grade, or the assault rifles, grenade launchers, etc. that they're carrying. And they're all wearing elf costumes.

Lone Star patrolman: P-p-please s-s-step ou-out o-of th-th-the c-c-car...

Flakback: *sighing* Look, I got permits for everything. Wanna check them?

(He did, too. Being a licensed mercenary unit does have its benefits.)


As the runners are setting up defensive positions around the mall Santa...

Little Child: *wanders over from his mother* That's a lot of weaponry, Mister.

GM (as Morrigana's character): We're just making sure no big bad shadowrunners steal people's presents from Santa.

(OOC) Morrigana: Damn it. Now I have to give myself a point of karma for that one.

(OOC) Flakback: *rofls*


At this point, the SK assault team out to assassinate Santa for a run he pulled against them a few years back shows up.

SK Assault Leader: Throw out Santa and we'll pay you double the bounty!

GM (as Morrigana's character) looks at Santa speculatively and rubs her chin.

Flakback: Damn it... Now's not the time for betraying us! There may be more lucrative deals later.

GM (as Morrigana's character): Alright, but if I find out it's over a million that they're offering, I'm mailing him to Lofwyr to collect the bounty and you as a snack.

133Frea: If it's over a million they're offering, I'll help you address the box.

Flakback: If it's over a million they're offering, I'll mail myself to Lofwyr for being stupid enough not to take it.

Santa: I suddenly have doubts about my security...

GM (as Morrigana's character): If you didn't want doubts about it, ya shouldn't have annoyed a fragging dragon.


Halfway through the first wave, while digging out another box of assault cannon ammo.

133Frea: That's a lot of cyberzombies.

Flakback: Nah. Only six. We faced more last year.

133Frea: Is it too late to trade Santa for the bounty and retire to a legal occupation?


At this point, the first wave of enemies was dead and, unknown to the players, a second wave was on its way in an APC.

(OOC) Morrigana: Bwahaha! You guys are so screwed!

(OOC) 133Frea: Yep. Time to get a new character sheet...

(OOC) Morrigana: Oh, crap... Hold on while I... Oh, holy crap...

(OOC) Geranimo: Ya know, I think I want a new character sheet as well.

Morrigana: An APC bursts in through the front of the mall. You can easily see the miniguns mounted on its roof and the undiguised water elemental riding shotgun with the driver. But, just as the minigun starts to spin, the APC hits a cash register wrong, causing it to roll onto its top and the EX-ex rounds the minigun starts to spew to hit the ground near it. You watch in abject horror as the APC explodes, killing the occupants instantly and taking out the entire front of the building.

(OOC) Flakback: Bwahaha!

(OOC) Morrigana: Stop laughing and roll resistance, stupid. You're within blast range, remember?

(OOC) Flakback: Damn it!

Note: Everyone lived except Santa.

So, anyone else have holiday-themed quotes from runs?