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Full Version: Question about Specialisation ans Essence loose
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Hi Folks,

first i want to wish you all a Happy new Year and good luck for 2009.

Second i have a question about specialisations for the computer nd hacking skill. Both skills list a specialisation for commlinks. This specialisations give a bonus every time you use a commlinke, right? But is that not quiete every time? If i take this specialisation as a Hacker for both skills i will use almost only the tricked out commlink he/she has. I make my matrix perception checks with computer + analyse or i change files with computer + edit from my commlink and so gets the specialisation bonus right? Same goes for hacking. I use my own commlink for every hacking run and so the specialisation count, right? Have i overlooked something? Are these specialisations overpowered?

Therd question: is there any rule how essence loose is calculated if you must round the exact value? If you get an internal air tank (0,25 Essence) as delta ware is the final loos 0,125 or 0,13 or maybe even 0,12?

Thank you for all your answeres.

Best wishes.
A computer skill specializing in commlinks gives you +2 dice to use a commlink. A hacking skill with a specialization in commlinks gives you +2 dice to hack a commlink (not to hack with a commlink).

For Essense, I don't see why you can't figure it out to three decimal places, especially if you are getting more than one higher-grade piece of 'ware. Your GM might prefer rounding for simpler bookkeeping, though. It's one of those areas where the rules are vague, so the answer probably varies from GM to GM.
Well by Raw essence isn't rounded at all, as the book doesn't say anythink about rounding.
some Specialisations are only a Part of the Skill,some Specialisations are the most of a Skill (f.e. 1/2Automatics as spec of Pistols,Flaschentauchen(ScubaDiving ? ) as spec of Diving,etc)
Comlink Spec ist one of those(you could also use your Telecom to enter the Matrix) so count yourself Lucky and use it or talk with your GM to Houserule it smile.gif

@Essence cost:
I calculate it to 3 Digits (0,125) add ev.up than finally I round mathematically for 2 Decimals

with a mathematically correct Dance
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