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Full Version: Touch spells using melee weapons?
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Knight Saber
Can a mage casting a "touch" spell use a melee weapon for the touching, or is it strictly unarmed? Previous editions have said that it's the will behind the act that matters in certain things (hitting spirits with an arrow or sword will work, while a gun won't, for example). It'd certainly give mages a reason to carry staves around, or retractable batons... shades of Elly in Xenogears.
usually strictly unarmed stuff.
but there's things like elemental aura that can be applied to basically anything.
ive always ran it as having to bodily touch the target.
SR4, pg 195
To touch an unwilling target, the caster must make a normal un-armed attack as part of the Complex Action of spellcasting.
I'd allow it for a bonded weapon focus. But that would, of course, be a houserule.
Could always use those Hardliner gloves smile.gif All the more reason for ork and troll mages hehe,

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