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Hmm, reading the thread on SoLA and releasing the e-books got me thinkging. I wonder what the possibilities of releasing the original novels that Fasa did in PDF format, possibly using Baen's webscription model as a basis. Of course that relies on the theory that the original novels formats from the publishers are able to be put into pdf format. since some of them were releases just at the cusp of the digital age for book publishers.
nope, dead tree for me.
i am old fashioned that way ^^
Hell yeah, bring the novels as eBooks. I'm on to it.

If, they should talk with the guys from hixbooks for the european release. They know what to do with eBooks.
For those of us that don't speak the language ... what does hixbooks do that's so awesome? smile.gif
Prime Mover
Although I'd love to replace some of my old lost copies, I'd prefer hardcopy myself. Still just can't absorb a pdf like I can a good book I can lug around the house and not have to put down.
I too prefer hard copy, but if it's the only way I could get the ones I haven't read, then I would be happy to have access.

Oh I quite agree I far prefer paper books to pdf. But in the case of some things it's near impossible to find any copies anywhere (and I've tried several used book stores in my area). Perhaps I should have added the caveat "if you can't find the original paper releases" to the poll.
Novels: Not for me (as a PDF). I just can't stand staring at my screen for that long. That being said, it would be a shame for someone to miss out on an SR novel just because an out-of-print paper copy can't be found.

Sourcebooks: Definitely in PDF w/ OCR. I regularly use them to find a page reference while I'm holding the paper book in my hands. What a great resource!

So..... how close are we getting to a *new* novel? smile.gif
I buy novels for the pleasure of:

1. Not having to find an electrical outlet on long trips
2. Bring my laptop to bed
3. Once finished with the novel I can add it to a book exchange

QUOTE (Adam @ Jan 3 2009, 01:23 AM) *
For those of us that don't speak the language ... what does hixbooks do that's so awesome? smile.gif

it seems to be an e-book reader like kindle, just for the german audience since kindle and the other one (I can't rememeber the name right now) are not available in germany.
just an e-book-reader with e-ink for pdfs...

@ pdf-novels:

I agree with Prime Mover
Stahlseele, Synner: It's more than an eBook reader. Yes they do publish and support eBook readers in the european market (not only the german) but they want are about to create an eBook market which is userfriendly and good for the customer and the booksellers. Their ultimate goal is that every bookshop sports a system where the customer can take his eBook reader and the bookseller can counsel him like he could for a hardcover book instead of just creating some onlinestore where you can download your book and be finished with it.
Another goal is to make the Readers appealing to the overall audience, which includes the haptic of the device and stuff like custom skins (similar to those of handys) for example.
Toss into that cauldron a good idea about copyrightmanagement and other stuff and bang.
I've talkted to their boss some weeks ago. It won't be too long until they start with it, contracts with some major publishers are done.
But i can't speak for them, so i guess its better to relay to their CEO:
neither is adam synner nor am I stahlseele grinbig.gif

blame the avatars wink.gif

@ hixbooks:

sounds nice but a bit too idealistic IMHO... why would I go to a B&M bookstore to get a pdf?
I'm all for rereleasing old novels in pdf format. If only because a pdf, unlike a printed novel, has a search function. I'd prefer to have both, ideally, though, since I find reading print in general easier than on screen.
I voted no since I cannot see myself printing out novel length manuscripts.

However, if the novels were available via the Kindle, then I would be open to the idea.
For me, a pdf would do, sicne I could read that on my laptop, too.
Stahlseele: I didn't make a mistake here twirl.gif

Simply: Because they can give it to you right away, even if you don't have a computer with a internet connection around. And they can give you advise about the books. Guess what, a bookseller knows stuff about the books he sells (if he is good at his job). wink.gif
I admit that most roleplayers won't need advise since we are all computer-savvy here and can look up information on the internet, but think about the recent christmas time: Parents know that their son does something which is called "shadowrun" and it needs books. And they remember that Sonnyboy talked about some book which is called Feral Cities. So they visit their friendly local book store and ask them out. They probably don't have it (common on most austrian Bookstores i know) and delivering would take about 2 Weeks or less.
But since their son is a very modern person with knowledge in electronic devices they bring along a pendrive or an eBook reader and the bookseller saves it there for them and the parents pay like they bought a physical book.
And availability is good for the customer. Furthermore those eBook readers aren't like a laptop, they don't weight much, they aren't as bad for the eyes as a computerscreen (maybe even better than a real book) and most are small enough to be carried around.
Matsu Kurisu
Yes please for online version!
I am in New Zealand, so its harder for me to get hard copies, however online I can purchase and download as desired smile.gif
Also for new releases not just back issue.
(yes, I am a HARD Core BAEN Webscription buyer!, I even pay more for Advanced Reader Copies I can get early)
Hmm, kinda interesting that no one chose "Other", just a random thought.
QUOTE (GreyBrother @ Jan 3 2009, 07:50 PM) *
Stahlseele: I didn't make a mistake here twirl.gif

what do you want from me?
i wrote one posting in this thread and twice you said something to me that i did not understand . .
look, i ain't the only one with that particular avatar O.o

further, for older out of print stuff, maybe the PDF idea is good.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jan 4 2009, 03:19 PM) *
i wrote wone posting in this thread and twice you said something to me that i did not understand . .
look, i ain't the only one with that particular avatar O.o

I tried to tell him... wobble.gif
As someone with a complete collection of English language Shadowrun books, I would still buy at least a few just to be able to search them for background info.

If the price was low enough (under $3.00) I would buy all 40. Higher prices would restrict my buying to those set primarily in areas outside of Seattle/NAN/UCAS.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jan 4 2009, 03:19 PM) *
what do you want from me?
i wrote one posting in this thread and twice you said something to me that i did not understand . .
look, i ain't the only one with that particular avatar O.o

QUOTE (wusselpompf @ Jan 4 2009, 04:03 PM) *
I tried to tell him... wobble.gif

Whoops. Truly my bad. Shouldn't write stuff when i'm distracted. twirl.gif
I beg your pardon, good sirs.
heck, now that i actually have the money, i would buy all of the novels again, if they came in cheaper PDF'S . .
this is much better than what's being done over here in germany right now . .
i've seen certain SR novels be published again and again only with new font-size, different font, different page numbers and different cover-art and binding . .
sometimes for even more than the original book.
and it's still the same frigging story . .
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