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Full Version: ECN Character - Jack Marshall (Mundane LS Detective)
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Digital Heroin
The second player in my Emerald City Nights solo project, an aged Detective who a lot of people figure is on his last case.

The Sheet:

[ Spoiler ]

The Gear:

[ Spoiler ]

The Background:

[ Spoiler ]

Questions, comments, concerns, and death threats are welcome.
Physical stats are too high for an old timer. Body should be 3, and only because he's in good shape. Agility and Reaction should be 2. You know a lot of quick old people? They move slower, joints and cartilege are used up. I'd then raise his mental stats. Charisma 4 (a life time of talking to people...) and raise Will and Intuition to 5.
The pysical stats are fine for his age. Individuals like randy couture and quite a few others kept in shape and could easily have those stats or better.
If you wanted to play up the gut instinct of the old guy maybe drop reaction to 3 and up intuition to 5.
Digital Heroin
While I'm not sure you have to be Randy Couture to be decently tough at an advanced age, Jack's simply a tough old bastard who's seen a lot. Other than the slightly elevated body and honed reflexes, he's average, after all.

But I do like the idea of dropping one point of Reaction for another Intuition to reflect a more experienced eye.
Nice character. I really like that he appears to be built to a concept rather than min-maxed for effectiveness/efficiency like a lot of BP-based characters seem to be.

My biggest "huh?" moment reading him over is that the sheet lists him as being 45 while the background refers to him as being a 30+ year police force veteran and giving the impression of being 'older than dirt'. Assuming he was not under 15 when he started out on the force I'd guess that his age should be 55 or 60. I think that would fit better with the overall feel of an graying, oft ignored veteran of the force whose seen a little bit of everything over the years.

Because I enjoy fitting character ages to timeline I pulled up some number for you in case it would be useful --
Assuming the game is starting in 2070:

Starting Age: 45
Born ~2025
Goblinization Starts (2021): 4 years before birth (Not even a gleam in momma's eye wink.gif )
Crash of '29: 4 years old
Night of Rage (2039): 14 years old
Bug City (2055): 30 years old
Crash2.0 (2064): 39 years old

Starting Age: 55
Born ~2015
Goblinization Starts (2021): 6 years old
Crash of '29: 14 years old
Night of Rage (2039): 24 years old
Bug City (2055): 40 years old
Crash2.0 (2064): 49 years old

Starting Age: 60
Born ~2010
Goblinization Starts (2021): 11 years old
Crash of '29: 19 years old
Night of Rage (2039): 29 years old
Bug City (2055): 45 years old
Crash2.0 (2064): 54 years old

As far as the physical stats question that has been raised, I have no problem with an active 45 year old with some access to modern/SR medicine having no significant change in physical stats. Though the person might have to work harder to maintain them, I would think even a 55 or 60 year old could probably maintain 3s or 4s (especially if they were higher than that when the person was younger).

Digital Heroin
I think I spat down the age before writing up the background and forgot to go back to it. My brain's on parallel processing mode with outdated firmware. He's supposed to be 49-50ish, joined the force fresh out of High School.
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