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Full Version: Old Team Together one last time
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There is an idea I have been kicking around for a short term shadowrun 4 campaign, though I am not sure exactly how one would handle it mechanically:

Something happens. And an old Running Team from the 50's and early 60's comes out of retirement. Their implanted ware is the OLD stuff. Yet, they are running in the modern Shadowrun world. Now, somethings we know are not mechanically that different(Wired Reflexes, for instance, which even has the same essence cost), while somethings are going to be different(Smart Links, for instance, taking up a bit more essence, but not having the Range Finder unless you are talking a Smart Link 2, and nothing working wirelessly), and other things are literally going to be worthless junk(Cranial Cyberdeck, anyone?). In addition, I figure there is going to be some effects of wear and tear on the team. I could see the old Samurai with arthritis from bone lacing, for instance.

So, I am curious what Cyberware/Bioware from the Second/third edition that is available in 4th do people think would work pretty much the same despite the age(though, in cases where the older versions had higher essences, using those), and what things people think would need to be given restrictions and/or penalties(Like, I could see a Smartlink on an old gun working just fine..but on a new one not being able to work at all).

Would you impose any penalties on the older gear, as well(Like, say, an old Ares Predator II: would you say it had problems, or would it be just like the Predator IV in the SR4 book, just without the gizmos the newer version has? Or would you worsen one of its stats to represent advances in armour technology and such?)

Finally, how would you handle that these guys are likely not as quick or tough as they used to be? Would you lower the cap on some attributes, would you just after chargen hit some physical attributes randomly for weakening, what? Or would you just give them penalties on some sorts of actions?
if you have access to german shadowrun novels, read one of the newer ones. Named "Altes Eisen" (Old Iron?). It's practically all about what you're talking about here.
Look up the old SOTA Rules for some Ideas.
The Jake
I tried this once. My advice is to try and get the old GM back before you attempt this otherwise it never lives up to the glory you envision.

- J.
QUOTE (The Jake @ Jan 8 2009, 06:09 AM) *
I tried this once. My advice is to try and get the old GM back before you attempt this otherwise it never lives up to the glory you envision.

- J.

Actually, it has nothing to do with an actual gamed old team..but a concept for a short campaign of old runners with all the old stuff doing a run...sort of like movies like Space Cowboys.
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