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Full Version: Transporter series 1st one more shadowrun...y
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I was just watching the Transporter 3.... I don't know why, but since I watched the first two I guess I thought I might as well give the 3rd one a shot.... terrible....

The first movie was decent, and reminded me of shadowrun. Don't augment the deal, don't change the plan, and if you dick the Johnson the Johnson will try to dick you back 20 times harder. It was cinematic, and even the combat seemed somewhat thematic towards SR... However that being said after the first movie where did it go? I mean the first movie had continuity issues, but the 3rd? Forget about it.

Nothing interesting at all, and the female leads just seemed to get more and more whine with that cheese.

Can anyone else think of a series that had some potential and just fell flat on its face, movie or TV series?
Matrix should have ended with the first movie.

The Movie "Free Jack" is alot like Shadowrun.
Ghostz in the Shell should have ended after the first movie.
Ocean's Eleven didn't need a Twelve or Thirteen.
QUOTE (deek @ Jan 9 2009, 01:59 PM) *
Ocean's Eleven didn't need a Twelve or Thirteen.

Ocean's Eleven didn't need a second Ocean's Eleven.
Seems to be a pattern here, huh? I wonder why we keep paying money to moviemakers to make the same mistake over and over again.

never did.
i only buy stuff i know i like.
shite egal like they say over here.

problem with that is, that there's so many people with sub par demands on this kind of stuff.
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