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Full Version: DocWagon Contracts
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Hi folks,

One of the players in my game got utterly mauled last session (stabilised at the point of death by burning Edge). He's an adept with Body 4 and the Quick Healer Positive Quality, and a Gold DocWagon Contract.

My question is about the effect of the contract. He's already had his annual free resuscitation in another run, but the Gold contract gives you 50% off High Threat Response services. How much do HTR cost? In this case, the HTR extraction team arrived but didn't need to fire a shot.

The 10% off extended care is easy enough to calculate using the table in Augmentation.


How much DocWagon charges for HTR and resuscitation has been listed in a couple SR2/3 books if I remember correctly, I'm not sure if they've been reprinted in an SR4 book yet.

The most detailed information on how DocWagon works and how much they charge for things was in Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life which had a full chapter on them. Unfortunately I don't have it here though my recollection tells me it was something like 5000 nuyen.gif for HTR plus possible death benefits for HTR team members that get taken down (though that wouldn't matter in your specific case). Resuscitation was in the same price range I think.

Someone with access to more of the books might be able to get you better info.
You know, I have trouble remembering how resuscitation works. Was that sort of like...zapped back after overflowed out? I forget how it was in RAW, but I recall a few houserules I had for it. One could be dead-as in, overflowed out-much like real life, for up to two minutes, before brain damage ensued. I think the max limit was 4(given that, IRL, some pretty crazy comebacks have been made), but at 4 you took a serious hit to your mental stats and had to recover for a loooong time(as well as ending up with some flaws like Flashbacks from such trauma.) I think up to the 2 minute mark still had a chance for Flaws as well. In either case, rolls had to be made(we knocked up the threshold per minute that the character was ''dead.''

How was the RAW on this again? Damned if I remember.
Thanks, brennanhawkwood! It's page 43, NAGRL.

5,000¥ for High Threat Response (base cost -- then add ammo, repairs to vehicles/equipment, health care for injured employees, health care/death benefits for innocent civilians injured/killed)
20,000¥ for Employee Death Benefit
8,000¥ for On-site Resuscitation

It also has costs for Basic, Intensive and Extended Care, defining Extended Care as 3+ weeks, but I figure that's superceded by Augmentation.

ElFenrir, I rule resuscitation as any medical treatment while you're in overflow. Stabilisation definitely counts, as far as I'm concerned. A search of my SR4 and Augmentation PDFs reveals no RAW at all... frown.gif
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