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Full Version: Questions From My Group LIVE (as in right now)
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1) Do you need a fake license for every gun?

2) What is the Knowledge Skill "riot porn?"

3) Can you somehow make a cybernetic bear/drone (or make a (joke, but really, I want to know too)

4) I'm teaching them how the matrix works today, can you give me any links to anything that it'll help me out?
Heath Robinson
1) Depends on your location. UCAS doesn't have gun licencing, so you just need licences for the exceptions to the norms (Concealed Carry, Larger Arms).

2) Pictures of gratuitously rioutous crowds for hardcore rebelious types.

3) Page 138, Augmentation, "Biodrones". In short "yes". And they're awesome.

4) Someone will be along shortly with Aaron's Cheatsheets. Ryu's done an introduction to the Matrix ruleset on Community Projects.
5) Whats the "Gun Cane" Knowledge Skill?
I would assume that the Gun Cane knowledge Skill is a field of general knowledge about Gun Canes or a specific Gun Cane. It may help in spotting a Gun Cane if the GM's ok with that or where to buy one or even how to make one if the skill is high enough.
QUOTE (Shadowfox @ Jan 9 2009, 10:37 PM) *
5) Whats the "Gun Cane" Knowledge Skill?

Also, are you sure it's actually a Knowledge Skill, and not a specialization of Pistols that got pushed over into the wrong column?
1. No, you don't need a license for any gun. If you're caught with one, then having a license may save you a bunch of trouble, though.

5. Do you mean the Gun Cane active skill? It's the skill required to fire a gun cane properly. If not, see Oni's post.
Wait, maybe gun cane is a type of Awakened sugar plant.
QUOTE (Aaron @ Jan 10 2009, 12:51 PM) *
Wait, maybe gun cane is a type of Awakened sugar plant.

In that case I´d suggest to use Sugar Plants (Gun Cane +2). Broader range of application, more dice for your speciality.
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