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Full Version: runs in historical houses
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Have you run in any historical places like that?

My husband is on the board of a historical mansion so I've seen some areas not open to the public and when getting a tour of the Octogon in DC I mentioned their ghost story-pretty much blowing the archetetural tour but an interesting side trip with the docent to stuff not usually covered. I know most of Valley Forge by heart,

It all gives me ideas for possibilities.In National Treasure, Nicholas Cage runs rampant in Philly's Independance Hall. Though for a record an amused park ranger said anyone trying for the 'Nicholas Cage tour' "Would see more guns than in a John Wayne movie."
Next you'll tell me the Secret Service Counter Assault Team isn't on the public White House tour either. wink.gif
Daddy's Little Ninja
It can be arranged. But you have to bring your own props. If you do it right they even let you play with the handcuffs.
I have. I basically ran Lovecraft's 'The Rats in the Walls' for a group.
eeek, who was the swine herd?

Places like the White House or the Tower of London have professional security teams and who knows what changes inside were made for security sake. I mean heck the Tower has solders from the Royal Rgt of Fusiliers, Guards, Beefeaters and have you seen the vault they keep thecrown jewels in?

but take it down a step, Heaver or Bodium castles, DC's the Octogon or Boston's north Church, historically protected buildings that can't have too much changed provide all sorts of oddities, or even preserved warships. Imagine Camden's USS New Jersey, Philly's USS Olympia or New York's Intrepid. Or the lfoating hotels like the Queen Mary or QE2
Daddy's Little Ninja
I like the old liners turned hotels as a place since you have different classes and environments in the boat. since I have had the 'back stairs' tour from Tim at the mansion, I think that has limited use. The odd closet turned into the servants entrance stuff only works for evasion.
I forgot the details, but I'll try to bring up what I can remember. It was a two-parter.

To convert it to SR, I custom-made a horror. The story was that, as the magic levels died, this horror forced people to craft a giant gem that maintained a sort of magic "stasis field", but it was betrayed in that the crafter linked the gem to only that single point in space, hidden under ground, and locked behind a serious of super-magical wards.. So the horror was caught in a magic bubble. Still, as time moved on, it extended things like mob mind to the people on the surface to make them do stuff.

The plot was that as the magic levels went back up, the horror animated the least rotten body it had lying around to go hire a group to free it. It paid the group in gold coins to "guard the house and wait for a pickup". It then took them to a quiet chartered jet in an airfield, where they were quickly gassed and sent on a sort of metaplane astral quest. One guy remembers being gassed before he succumbed (the ONLY time tracheal filters were ever useful in my games. And then he didn't tell anybody what he saw.) The party then remembers flying to this tiny airport in Colorado, aroudn 1940, where they stole a car and drove up to the creepy old house. All this is a magical metaphor for their actual magical activities.

The party waited around in the house and weird stuff happened, but they didn't open the secret door, so finally the horror cast a mass illusion on the party, so everyone who failed the will save thought one of the party members was a monster, and that party member thought someone else was the monster. Fortunately the one person who made her save packs narcojets, so she knocked out the whole group (yes, everyone). Then they were attacked by a real monster : P In the end though, it lead them to the secret door and one by one they broke the wards, finally opening a creepy old cage. After that they got a call saying it's time to go home. They never understood what they'd done, just that it was... weird.

Part 2 they got a second job, this time to recoup the object of research resulting from two companies parting ways and not playing friendly. They were told all of the security would be taken care of remotely, via matrix and astral overwatch. All they had to do was physically walk in, grab the research, and escort it out. I borrowed this from someone else's suggestion here on DSF. The GPS coordinates were a little disimilar from the site of the previous run, but most of the landmarks were the same (an old oak in part 1 is now a burned out stump, similar hills, etc.)

They basically enter the research facility and it's completely empty. Everyone is gone. Coffee mugs are still warm, &c. but no living people, just drones and the like. They waltz on in, get into the super-secret elevator and descend to the bottom floor where they find the research item is a small girl they have to pull out.

The game sort of fell out after that, which is kinda good, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with said small girl/horror gone free.

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