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Full Version: Does Chamleone Coating on a weapon require a Chameleon Suit?
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The Core book says on pg. 316
Chameleon Suit: A full body suit made from ruthenium
polymers supported by a sensor suite that scans the surroundings
and replicates the images at the proper perspectives,
providing the wearer with chameleon abilities.

Then in Arsenal on pg. 150
Chameleon Coating: A coating of ruthenium polymers is
added to weapon. A character wearing a chameleon suit and carrying
a weapon larger than pistol size needs this modification to
receive the full bonus of the chameleon suit (otherwise it’s reduced
to –2). This modification applies a –4 Concealability modifier.

My take on this is that the Chameleon Suit is a combination of ruthenium polymers + a sensor suite, but Chameleon Coating is only the ruthenium polymers. If I'm reading this correctly, the ruthenium polymers need the sensor suit to work. Since the weapon doesn't have anything like that, would chameleon coating work on a weapon without having a suit to go with it?
No, you do not in any way need a Chameleon Suit for the coating to function on a weapon - you need nothing outside of the weapon modification.

Chameleon Coating Only: Weapon has a -4 Concealability Modifier.

Chameleon Suit Only: Observers take a -4 to Perception Tests to see you. This is reduced to -2 if you carry an object larger than Pistol sized.

Chameleon Suit & Coating: Observers take a -4 to Perception Tests to see you, & the weapon possesses a -4 Concealability Modifier.
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