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Full Version: What kind of geek are you?
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Just curious what kind of talent pool we have out there for new development projects.
If you participate in the poll, please be so kind as to also add a reply stating your language of choice.
I'm a mainframe (z/OS) system programmer. I code REXX scripts mostly, with a dash of Assembly and Cobol. However, I've been a PC hobbyist since I was a kid (when C-64s were 'cutting edge'). Most recently, I've been dabbling in Perl, Java, and XML.
Web designer. I tried my hand at Java, and I despise it. Might be the teacher, though. Didn't know what he was talking about.

At all.

Edit: I use HTML, know a bit of CSS, and am currently staring at a mostly unopened PHP book.
Web designer is what I'm aspiring to, though I've never actually held a job for it yet. I have a rather extensive knowledge of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, a bit of XML and XSL, and I'm taking a PHP course this semester. XHTML is fun!
I am a Windows programmer, and Unix/Linux Communications programmer, I have done HTML, XML, XSL, COBOL, C, C++, Java, .net... no VBasic though...

and I'm pretty fast with a spreadsheet too... wink.gif

-Mike R.
Well, I fit mostly a little bit of everything. I do a lot of web design, xhtml/css/php mostly.

My programming skills are rather rusty, I don't have much call for them. Although I've been doing a bit of PHP programming lately.

I also do a bit of administration. A little server and a little networking.

I pretty much keep to BSD-land, while being a recent OS X convert, so that's definately where my focus lies. I stay away from the Microsoft beast as much as possible.

I'm mostly a non-professional, but my job entails a little bit of everything above. I kind of prefer it not being a professional focus of mine actually.
northern lights
i dropped schooling cause it was a waste, but i was supposed to be a programmer. so now i play around with VB and c++ a bit as well as some accasional database apps with php mostly.

my real strength is in doing anything with hardware. give me a dremel and a soldering iron and i am a diety. i've got computers stuffed into places they should never be. waterproofed in the lockbox of my truck, jewelry boxes, router enclosures, etc. watercooled, windowed, lighted, silent, all kinds of weird stuff.

it's loads of fun, though there isn't any money in it here.
None of the above, but if a project needs raw data, graphical design, or anything else where a field hand with some ability in Photoshop and cross-referencing can lend a hand, I'm here.
None of those really fit me,
For work I go and do whatever they say needs done.
At home I mainly program/script/use Linux
I use x86 Assembly, C/C++, Perl, Open GL, SDL (gotta love frame buffers)
and im starting to use python but im not really into high level programing
Personaly i enjoy building a circit and then making it do somthing, either that or making sound come out of my video card or whatever (im just not very good at putting it back, oh well format time)
-pete h
*raises sheepish hand*


can't code, can't program, but can make the eyecandy. smile.gif

I like designing characters, and am looking forward to the day we can afford the new box and wacom tablet that i've been wimpering about for the last three years...
John Archer
A little bit of HTML/PHP/Perl/Javascript for web design, a little bit of C/C++, VB and ASM for school and for fun. I guess I'm just a hobbyist smile.gif
im pretty skilled in c++, i use it all day everyday and have for years that is. I also due different scripting, depending on what engine im using, alway been typeless c++ derived though. right now i am using the torque scripting. I would love to help out with projects but always have a full schedule.
HTML/CSS, and web design (not the graphist design, the engineering & ergonomics side of a project). A little SQL on the side, a very little PHP.
Digital Heroin
I could have answered in multiple catagories, so I will reply, and not poll. I am a web developer and programmer by training, though at the moment not by trade...

- I know, and am still in the practice of coding with (if only in snippets, and out of boredom), HTML, Jscripts and CSS.
- I know, though am out of practice with, C++ and Visual Basic
- I am/was enamoured with Java... the language was just like a second language to me
- I have used perl, and waaaay back used turbo pascal, and basic when it was basic (gotta love 50+ printed page text based games that have dead ends because you got bored and stopped coding them).

I'm just a geek.
Dakhran the Dark
Need to have an option for "all of the above"... biggrin.gif

And most of that is actually on a professional basis, even...

Anyway, by job description I'm primarily a VB & VBA programmer, but I'm also the defacto DBM for SQL Server 2000, and I rely heavily on Transact-SQL stored procedures for many of my projects. I'm also converting much of our old code and reports to web-based architectures, including .NET, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, and Perl, and I've been giving MySQL a try for some of the PHP projects. I'm also a whiz at DHTML, and I'm trying to give Flash a try. I've also developed a nifty system which uses a Palm app as the client terminals, which then upload their data directly into a SQL Server database on sync.

And for fun I'm dabbling in RAD on Linux using C++ and Qt, and cross-platform development with Java and Borland's JBuilder X. Of course, since nobody's paying me to do it, I haven't kept up with it too rigorously. And I've been playing with Python and the wxPython libraries, which are also fairly cross-platform.

About the only thing on the list I haven't had much playtime with is the more recent Apples -- I learned BASIC and assembler on the Apple II+, Pascal on the Mac, but nothing since System 7...which probably gives a good indication of my age...
I do HTML and make heavy use of CSS, CSS are a life savers when you want a uniform look to you web page. I been giving Java Script a go but no luck so far, the same with PHP.
i like a programming challenge. windows hta's using web languages. nice thing about them is the xml databases you can host on a share to hundreds of users...with minimal bandwith and all files stored in the same spot as the application itself smile.gif
I'm a dabbler of sorts with professional experience coding UNIX and Windows solutions, I know how to admin a Linux Box and a Windows Server Box, I know how to build systems and build applications in (v)C/C++ Fortran, VB, HTML, JS, VB.NET, Assembly(blech) and Cobol. I can do SQL and design databases. Most of my experience comes from military work, the rest came from where I'm working now and my own personal drive to learn new things. I know winsocks for VB, learning Winsocks in VC++

I'm also working on SCOS, when I have time, I have a wife and kid, RPG's to run/develop/play in, so time can be scarce, but I don't intend to slack off on any projects that need work, and I'm always willing to lend a hand if I can score some quality coding time. let me know if you need anything.
right there with you, aid.. artgeek.
used to web program, but got too lazy to keep up with the trends.. especially since I wasn't being paid wink.gif
funny how that can affect your enthusiasm for something.

Generally speaking, what you all are describing is nerds, not geeks. Geeks are the guys who know technology, who can build your computer like a Shadowrunner strips down an Alpha. But his eyes gloss over when you start talking about programming. A geek is the guy you call when your computer doesn't turn on in the the morning. A nerd is the guy who makes the programs that don't work, so you call a geek to make it work.

Huzah for the geeks!

i'm a IT Helpdesk geek.

im a geek looking for a place to park my claim. right now i tryed to take som certifications but man are those systems nuts. i could have handled any practical case you could trow at me but all those theoretical questions with microscopic diffrences in the answer option i dont parse (so to speak). i learn by doing not by remebering a textbook word by word.

so i guess i have to see if there is any helpdesk posisions available.
I am a web-coder sales-geek. I wrote the shopping system for my own company and I am working on an undisclosed 'community project'. Shameless self-promotion (especially commercial promotion) is taboo, so I will use a spoiler tag.

[ Spoiler ]
I'm a dev who writes C++, abuses the C preprocessor too much, and wishes he could write everything in Python smile.gif

I've had a smattering of experience in scripting/web languages, but most of my experience is Windows apps and C-derived languages.
Johnny the Bull
When I was in my teens I wrote document management software for medical/legal/financial companies in Delphi, but over the last few years I've found I'm better at the managerial level, espcially in guiding the translation of functional specifications into technical specifications. So I guess I am a corporate geek. smile.gif
Capt. Dave
SQL Server 2000, ASP, ADO here. Mostly focused on web-based software development. Like Dakhran, T-SQL stored procedures are my best friends.
Vlad the Bad
I voted for webdesign but I don't do a lot of high end coding. I am mostly an illustrator who does web design for my bread and butter. So HTML, a little flash, and recently I've been learning Maya smile.gif

Shameless Self Promotion
I'm an applications developer with Perl. (I don't write sysprogs or do sysadmin. I write actual applications, database and mapping type, for state and local governments.)

Perl is quite a powerful language, if people use it for more than CGI.
Well I'm accually a security specialist, some members of certain companies want me to get soem computer education for security computer sytems, still thinkiing about it.
Huh? I'm not sure that physical security would help you with computer security, unless you are some kinda uber guard wink.gif

Computer security is definately a hot skill to have these days though, especially internet/network stuff.
Actually, Physical Security *should* be a big part of Computer Security. If I am able to walk up to your machine and put a boot disk in, or take teh HDD out, it doesn't matter what kind of software security you have. Physical Security also doesn't have to mean that he is standing there. He could provided consulting on what kinds of security doors/locks/cages stand between me and me walking up to your servers and pissing on them. smile.gif Go to a Telephone company Switching station, you will see what I mean.
C / C++ application for Windows for the most time ... A little bit of COM, DAO, ADO
I'm currently on my way of making that my profession ...

Every once in a while JAVA comes by (mostly in private projects).
Red Swami
This is sort of a difficult one for me--I do a little bit of everything (Perl/Python/shell scripting, "hard" programming in C++, open-source development with Java, web design...), some of it hobbyist and much of it professional. So I went ahead and put myself under the hobbyist category as a catch-all, but honestly I wanted to put myself in about three others as well. smile.gif
Well, I don't do a ton of programming (it's mostly a hobby/occassional use thing for me) but when I do it's usually got something to do with webdesign. Considering that I taught myself a huge chunk of the HTML language last summer through trial and error mostly (and some online reading) it's stayed with me and I've actually become pretty good at it.
Amatuer/hobbyist here... Know a range of useful langauges : C, Perl, PHP, mySQL, some java and C++ but we don't like to talk about those things nyahnyah.gif

Still need to learn some GUI code for my C programs... it breaks ANSI compatipility, but users seem to run in terror of anything without pretty pictures nyahnyah.gif
Since this is a sort of "Hey guys this is the kinda geek I am" post I'll post what I do smile.gif

I'm a Flash programmer. I make puzzles and gameshows for and have alot of fun doing it. I use Flash Actionscript, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Perl, MySQL and do alot of database work.

I am NOT a designer turned coder. I have coded since I was 15.

Basically I do both front end and back end. I used to code in C, C++ and then Java, but moved into Flash as it gained programming power.

I've often thought about making a Shadowrun Flash Game, but the amount of time needed to pull it off would suck all the little free time I already have (avid gamer).

Oh and I have also been building computers since the 1980s and used to hack a bunch before it became too dangerous smile.gif

It I was a Shadowrunner I would be your Face/Hacker type with martial arts (no guns) cool.gif

PS. Vlad the Bad your artwork is AWESOME!
I can't program. I tried to learn flash in school. I can't draw, even I do know the mechanics of photoshop. I have never taken a high math course. But if you want to know anything about the physiology of the human body, anatomy or exactly what it is a bullet does when it passes though your lung. I'm your guy. I make my living examining people who die in combat.
Lycanthropic Dreaming
For the past year or so, I've been using Java to build rich GUIs.

I keep my PERL knowledge from lapsing by using it as my nasty "you two things, just work together, damn-it" glue.

I play with Web standards (HTML, CSS), but as IE is the most popular browser out there, I find my CSS skills especially are not terribly useful to others.

I've played with C/C++ in the past, but prefer Java. It's basically a desire for not having to micro-manage memory (or be tempted to), and having a strongly-typed language, to stop those REALLY hard to find run-time oddities that only weakly-typed languages can achieve.
well, im more of a video geek, but as far as computers go

I built me own, tried to get a few friends to let me build for them, but they always "run out of money"...

did some Basic back in HS (bout 3 years ago now), had 1 flash course in college, which i enjoyed, even though i cant draw. tried to pick up some html stuff, but found it was kinda boring for me.

I suppose if i hadnt gone to school for video production, my other options would have been programming, but i did that BASIC course way to late to really decide if i woulda rather did that.
While I took a class in C, I mainly do video editing. I make anime music videos under the studio Mt. Nevermind. When I need some programing done, I go to my friends, and get them to program something for me. The C class helps to follow along with them.

The most coding I do is figuring out html on a broken page or following somebody else's pattern, like editing .dat files for Mcmackie.

One of my friends is making a goggle program for me. I came up with a cost table for making shadowrun goggles, which he's written up for me. Still working on export functions.
Heh, I'm learning Inform now. Wonder if that counts smile.gif

Ah well..
i put my vote down for 'hobbyist'...

i know c++,, flash, html...i love macs but am currently forced to use an ibm (needed cash so i sold my iBook and now i have a dell latitude for my job - i work in corporate IT as a tier1 end-user support specialist).

that about sums it up
> For the moment I'm just student...
I work mainly with php/mysql and pascal object
> Daegann
I know a bit of TurboPascal, PhP, SQL, and MATLAB.
Uhmm...writer geek.

I program Java for a living for 5 years for various environments (standalone, server-side, web-delivered) using various technologies (graphics, database,...) on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix).

I am open to any proposal to participate to a group project but I am not able to launch or lead one for the time beeing.
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