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Full Version: Fiction meets Reality
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Alright, for those of you who don't know - the SHOT show is a trade show that gives exhibitors a chance to showcase their up-and-coming wares. As the name implies, it focuses on outdoors events - camping, hunting, military and the like.

Now, for all you gear freaks who knew you could do more with a pocket secretary than just take calls, I give you the iPhone's Sniper Application.

This is one of the new products being offered at the 2009 SHOT show in Florida. grinbig.gif


Smartlink + Image Magnification does all that and more.

how is this supposed to give a GM a headache?
Depending on the GM and relative flexibility - I always gave mine pause when I started trying to make in-game toys do things not listed, but hypothetically feasible.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

Cool idea, but I understand that in SR the smartlink on the rifle does this for me. When I see the crosshairs on center mass it has already done the major calculations and you nudge values like wind speed adjustments with a quick mental thought. The majority of the sniper targets will be between 50-300m which does not need more than iron sights.

I apologize for being too literal - if you can do this, in real life, with an iPhone...what else can you do with a Pocket Secretary?

iPhone = Pocket Secretary = ZetaTech mini-computer from CP with the much beloved compu-mods. (CP reference)

External biomonitor? Lie detector? Electronic code hacker, (stolen from Terminator 2), digital scanner for recording fingerprints, chemical analysis database - help identify that mysterious substance, poison database, computer/electronic diagnostic device and so on.

Dr Funfrock
Well, yeah. All of those things are already doable with a commlink and a few sensors in SR4. Just check out the sensors and sensor softwares in Arsenal. Sorry, but it sounds like your GM just hasn't wrapped their head around the multitude of uses that commlinks (which is to say, computers have in 2070).

I mean the iPhone is essentially the predecessor to the commlink; a sort of all-in-one phone/computer/PDA/media centre that does everything you need, and goes with you everywhere. Load up the right programs, plug it into the right sensors, it can do anything.

That said, the article did turn up something slightly creepy: “I think the future is going to be in finding better ways to acquire targets,? said C. Reed Knight, CEO of Knights Manufacturing
All Apple need to do now is to add a wireless network router, and we can get started.
ares = apple++
QUOTE (betterwatchit @ Jan 18 2009, 03:40 PM) *
All Apple need to do now is to add a wireless network router, and we can get started.

ugh, there is such a piece of shit actually . . Airport-Router . . but it's really more of a bridge i guess . .
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