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Full Version: BBB Rotrocraft/vtol sensors
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Prime Mover
This has probably been touched on somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Rotorcraft and Vtol's don't have sensor ratings in the BBB and I'm not seeing any fix in the errata.
Prime Mover
All info been referencing so far.

Do drones (and rigged vehicles) come with any sort of sensors (e.g., cameras, microphones)? If they do, what are they?

Yes, as you'll see on p. 342, SR4, each of them has a Sensor attribute. If you want to determine what specific sensors a drone has, see the Sensor packages table on p. 325, SR4. You can use the capacity for the vehicle's sensor package to determine what kind of sensor gear it has.

Arsenal mentions this.

All vehicles (including drones) come readily equipped with
a sensor package, whose size depends on the size of the vehicle
(see the Sensor Packages table, p. 325, SR4)

According to pg 325 in BBB,Vehicles have sensor capacity 12. So are we to assume the rotorcraft/vtol have rating 0 capacity 12 sensor package???
One of the problems I've found in SR4 is that there is no way to increase the Sensor rating. You can pull out all the sensors in a vehicle, stick ones that are the best money can buy, and its sensor rating doesn't change at all.
Then I apparently can´t quote the following from the Arsenal Errata: wink.gif

"If a character improves the ratings of all of the individual
components in a sensor package, the overall Sensor rating of
the vehicle should also be improved accordingly. For the purpose
of improvement, sensors that do not have a rating are
considered to be automatically upgraded, when all the remaining
sensors in a package are improved to a higher rating.�

So put in some toys for that poor autopilot. There is a minimum of four individual sensors (same errata), easy to satisfy with that kind of capacity. You wouldn´t want to keep the sensor suite stock anyway.
Heath Robinson
Actually, you need to look in Arsenal. There's a rule there that allows you to upgrade Sensor.

Sure, it's not all that great, but it's a start.

I've been throwing around a (#Sensors)/2 [Capped by Pilot] rule in my head for a while. It fits most of the vehicles in BBB and Arsenal. Gives you an easy to understand upgrade path as well.
Personally I'd give them the same sensor ratings as other vehicles in the same catagory (which works out at 2 for all of them).
Prime Mover
QUOTE (Oenone @ Jan 20 2009, 12:14 PM) *
Personally I'd give them the same sensor ratings as other vehicles in the same catagory (which works out at 2 for all of them).

Actually thought that myself, to give them all a flat 2 to start. Is it an unerrata'd mistake then or left without sensors on purpose for some reason in the BBB?
seems the tables in the back of arsenal echos the blank sensor ratiing from BBB...

funny thing is that i recall something about installing a drone brain adds a sensor suite at the same time...
The way I see it is that if a 3000 nuyen Scooter has a sensor rating of 1 then aircraft worth between 35 to 783 times as much (just going from the various prices of aircraft in the BBB) is going to have a 2 at the very least (if not more in the case of the Banshee).

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