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Aiolos Turin
I just recently discovered MAPTOOL, and thought it was very interesting.

My question is this to anyone who knows about online PnP RPGing.

Are there any other popular programs besides MapTool?

Are there any Shadowrun specific maps, tokens, etc. for any of said tools?

Are there any Modern/Urban setting online RPG programs?

I tried searching the MapTool main forums for modern maps or to download packs (maps, tokens, etc.) but couldnt find anything in the mess, and every topic was about D&D or Off-Topic Politics.
Anyone with any knowledge of playing Shadowrun online via computer and PnP rpg program would help. Thanks!

I really liked how you could have visuals, maps, even measured movement distances, chatting, and all of this in the same program!
Try, this Software combines maps, tokens, chatting and much more.
I've actually used ScreenMonkey to run SR3 at one point. It wasn't bad, though a little slow depending on your connection, and it refreshes quite a bit, so that can be annoying for your players. The plus side is, it's free (the lite version, anyway), you can make custom maps (bitmaps can be loaded into the program), and you can make custom tokens as well.

Whatever VTT you end up trying, I heartily recommend supplementing it with Skype. Chat windows are great for keeping track of initiative, and for rolling dice if you don't trust the people you're playing with to just roll real dice and tell you the result, but you can't beat being able to just talk to each other during a game.
I agree with eidolon. My group started as a chatplay and with SR4 we started giving skype a try. That try lasts until now (a year and a half) and we are happy with it. The sessions have more "flesh" and you can fool around a bit. The only disadvantage we face is, that it isn't as detailed as writing it up (and i can't watch movies while my character faces downtime but thats minor wink.gif )
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