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Full Version: Drug vs. Toxin
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I recently ran a game where the owner of a external drive had an exotic defense. The external drive had organized crime data on it and was hidden in the room, powered down. He kept it in a terrarium which also housed his chimerical giant banana slugs. They had been genetically engineered and augmented to be affectionate and secrete 'zen'(yes, the drug zen). I created the creature for both security and leisure, and to reduce combat ability without incapacitating the character, system-wise.

This is where I ran into my problem. One of the characters was nuzzled, and thus inflicted with 'zen'. He role-played the effect well enough, but his partner had the detox spell (or antidote, I forget which). On general practice, a drug in shadowrun is taken by choice; the effects accepted, good or bad. When one is inflicted with a standard toxin, they are resisted by body and device. But what of the character dosed with a drug, that is not a toxin, that the character does not wish to enjoy?

As with most forum entries, a person asking a question will also suggest an answer. I have nothing concrete, only sketchy ideas about using the addiction threshold in a body and device test, or a general drug power rating that could be applied to all drugs in the same test. I refuse to tell the character that tolerance is the only defense, especially when the detox spell he wields lists 'drug' as one of it's targets. I also won't say that a person can just shrug off a drug, primarily due to personal experience and drunk driving statistics.

I have found the opinions expressed here to be most helpful, and am looking for feed back, house rules, page numbers of sighted relevance, and official ruling if the gods of published material are listening.

Oh, and sorry if this topic has been brought up before but...yada, yada ,yada. Pages disappear fast here, to steal from Mr. Stroker.
Ancient History
If the player wants to resist the effects of the drug, use the Toxin Resistance Test; if the player already has some form of toxin protection, he has to take a Toxin Resistance Test anyway. See the drug rules in Arsenal if you have it.
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