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Full Version: HSCT Speed?
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Zen Shooter01
How fast do they go? I need flight time from LA, PCC, to Cape Town, Azanian Federation.
Some real-world info on this, including travel speeds is here.
Divide distance between points by 1500 to 2000 for flight time in hours, add 30~60 minutes for combined passenger loading and disembarking time, take-off, and landing.

Unless something crazy happens, you can figure 2 hours or less from passenger loading to walking out the other airport for any point in what was the USA to any other point in what was the USA. Of course, customs could delay you longer.

LA to other Cities
A quick browse of the web has the Arrow HSCT with a Speed of 125/2,500.
Zen Shooter01
A big thank you to my research team. smile.gif
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