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Full Version: The Level between Table top and Larping
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So I was thinking...I have seen news articles where people gather up and play Shadowrun and D&D on Second life. I was curious if any one has ever thought or tried taking it one step farther and organizing a "Shadowrun" of sorts in the second life universe. Pretty much the meet would be in once place and the organizers (GMs) would find spots ahead of time to set up the run. Could be anything from stealing something, to kidnapping to pretty much anything. Of course this would be monitored by the people who set it up and would require extra people to play all NPC's and such. I dont know how the rules would work exactly but this idea sprang to mind and was curious on what people thought. I realize second life may not be that popular with this group but I thought I would throw the idea out and if this idea has already been done let me know how it turned out. Never know it could be interesting to try out with enough people interested.

Hmm ok so maybe not lol...
I'm not at all familiar enough with Second Life to comment on it outside of in principle it sounds like a good idea. Primary concerns would be the ability to play out challenges such as combat and stealth, and since I have no clue how second life works, I can't really speak to that.
Yah thats kinda of my delema there it would be awsome to stage up runs and such and they do have dice to roll and such but a far as combat, Stealth and what not im not sure. I was throwing it out kinda brain storming it since its pretty much free and most machines can run it (Unless you are running a relic lol) But any thoughts ideas and what are welcome =) It could be interesting with enough people interested.

My wife does the Second Life stuff, and I was actually considering getting into it for that. You'd need to make sure the people you hire for NPCs know the rules and have character sheets (you're Tir Ghost from the goon section, BBB, etc.), and either dice or a dice roller.

Actually, the perception thing would be kinda easy. As soon as the avatar comes into LOS, make the guy make a roll and see if they make it or not.
It would be very similar to how SR is run on very MU*. Not too hard. Think of it as a visual MU*.
Fairly brilliant idea. Build up a section of the city, or the office building you want to use, get your dice-rollers set, and get your runners to purchase (with lindens) appropriate skins for their characters. I'm sure there's some fabu skins out there for Trolls, and I had one for an Ork for a while. Could be fancy.

You just rely on your basic die-roller for everything, but pull your placement and 'description' from the area around you. I've seen a couple of wild-west and sci-fi games that do the same thing. Try Midian City.

Damnit, now I wanna redownload SL...
Yah thats what I was thinking it would be like the people who use messenger or voice chat but maybe a little more ...interactive? Hmm I did brain storm some ideas at work last night and it may work. I dont know how much land is in SL so ill have to check it out. If I cant do the land for the time being Ill ask around the Shadowrun community's there and see if they know any decent land to possibly borrow for the time being. Any more ideas keep tossing them out even if your not interested persay if you know something more about SL please let me know. Im fairly new there so any help would be great. The dice roller isnt a problem though it only spawns two at a time so I may need to see if they have larger versions. Weapons are not a problem if you look hard enough they have a ton of freebie weapons and cars. Avatars I was thinking would depend on the character persay but I have hopes that this may turn out better then expected. Keep them coming fokes!
You may have to look into someone building a vehicle sized troll... or possibly lifting the avatar from the Microsoft FPS Debacle?
Ok so I did some poking around it looks like with the gizmo's and the combat system it may be feasible to do it as a Shadowrun Sim of sorts that's just going to take Money to get the land so that may have to wait. So we shall see what can be done and go from there thanks everyone for your imput.
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