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I need some help due to the question from a player.

If I have a drone with body 3 I can mount a weapon mount, I got that.

what if I have a drone with body 3 AND already a mounted weapon, can it have another weapon mount attached or is it the one attached already.

for example Nissan doberman has a LMG mounted already and a body of 3, can I mount another weapon mount on that?

Thanks Metapunk
Heath Robinson
The weapon mount limit doesn't ignore standard features, so you can't add any more weapon mounts to a Doberman.
Heath is correct.

Incidentally, Metapunk, if you don't have Arsenal I highly suggest picking it up. It has much better (more advanced) rules regarding drones, vehicle modifications, and weapon mounts.
I have recently gotten my hands on arsenal so havent read it through yet:( but ty for the answers:) it was also how I saw it working.
one way to skirt this rule is to mount under barrel weapons, such as grenade launchers, shotguns, and flamethrowers.
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