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I just had a thought. A curiosity about how other runners handle things.

When your shadow team hits a target, whether it be a ganger's doss, a corporate suite, a top secret facility or local Stuffer Shack, do you go in together, or do you split up? Running teams generally tend to be diverse in their problem solving. The face talks his way in, the infiltration specialist, well, infiltrates, the combat monster takes something out on his way in... etc. Do you and your runner teams use all of your skills to separately achieve a similar goal, or do you stick together and use the abilities of the most qualified for the task?

In my experience, we usually split up. I often play stealthy characters, so I prefer not to be caught by my fellow characters lower stealth abilities, so I try to find alternative routes to targets, such as through athletic climbing and jumping ability, stealth skills and breaking and entering skills if needed. In most situations where we face an unprepared or perhaps inadequately prepared enemy, we often split up and take up advantageous positions, allowing us to use stealthy, brutally fast methods to surprise and incapacitate the opposition. I'm sure there are exceptions I can't recall, but it seemed to be the common MO.

How does everyone else do it?
~A mix and match of styles dependant on the run. Mostly stick together to maximise defensive firepower/cover and minimise foot print.
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