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Full Version: Two Knife Mojo
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So... you have a badass ninja runner who wants to fight with two blades, one in each hand. He takes the ambidexterity feat, thus negating penalties.

What bonuses does he get for having a blade in each hand?

Any? None?

Wielding two guns allows you to split your dicepool to attack twice in the same simple action, even with burst fire. You can already split to hit multiple opponents with a single complex action in melee. Can you count one guy as 'multiple opponents'? Do you get a +2 to parry rolls for an off hand weapon? What's the deal here?
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (JFixer @ Jan 25 2009, 07:30 PM) *
What bonuses does he get for having a blade in each hand?

Arsenal, p. 160, 163
Melee is still a complex action. You will still have to split your dice pool to attack with both weapons in the same pass, single opponent or not. However if you add in several of the martial arts combat maneuvers from Arsenal such as Multi-strike, Offhand Training, & Two Weapon Style it can help compensate for the split pool of multiple melee attacks.
Thank you very much!
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