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Full Version: WANTED: Grenadier Western Dragon
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Black Mamba
If there's anybody out there with a Grenadier Western Dragon from 1989, product code 9705, puh-leeze let me know if you want to sell it. I've been searching for one since 1990. A mint-in-box copy recently popped-up on Ebay, but I had a brainfart and missed the final moments of bidding. Yay me! I'm doing my best to keep from maiming myself out of sheer frustration at having missed it. The individual who won scored it for a measly $12.50, plus shipping and handling. If you happen to have any leads on one, I'd appreciate that too.
Never heard of it. Whats the deal?
Ancient History
Just on a note, when and if you get one, be very careful on the assembly. It's very easy to apply too little glue and pressure for the wings/torso, torso/legs, and legs/pavement. Likewise, make sure it balances on the legs. Avoid letting it rest on the styrofoam packing material after applying superglue.
hmmmm, so its a model of some sort, yes? Perhaps a "western dragon", neh?
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