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Full Version: Cyberzombie
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Accordingly, upon awakening to her new dual existence, a cyberzombie gains a Magic attribute of 1.

Whatever the ambient mana conditions are, the cyberzombie always stands at the heart of a Rating 4 background count (see p. 117, Street Magic) that extends a number of meters from her body equal to her total negative Essence.

With the background count, the Magic attribute is still 1 or 0 ?

Can the cyberzombie use the skills linked Magic Attribut or the metamagic techniques ?

Thanks for the answer.
Cyberzombies can't use any Magic-linked skills, even if they had them before they became a cyberzombie. They _can_ learn Assensing and use that.

Their Magic is always 1. They can't buy it up or initiate or anything like that. The background count doesn't change the stat on your character sheet, it changes how much you can use of it. That doesn't make much of a difference to the zombie, as they can't make much use of it anyway.
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