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Full Version: Claymore Antipersonnel Mines
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I can only imagine the effects of a fragmentation grenade but focused. I'd like to make these or something because they could come in very handy.
Not int 4th, maybe back in fields of fire. It's a lot more than a grenade. It's a kg of plastic explosive with steel ball bearings in it.
only option i can see is the stuff about blast value on page 315.

if thats only applied in an arc, you got your claymore mine...
The M18A1 Claymore Antipersonnel Mine, when you ab'so'lutly pos'o'tively have ta kill every mudda in da room, accept no substitutes...

Its a 3.5lb package, uses a slightly curved arc of hardened steel for shaping, with ~1.5lbs of C4 (680g) and 700 soft steel 3mm BBs.
um use the IED rules in aresnal. a fragmenting shaped 1kg of rating 12 explovive set o a proximaty or wireless tigger.
heh, just noticed that the IED example in arsenal uses the treshold for a flashbang, not a grenade.
Sorry for the necroposting, but I thought this deserved a mention.

If you aim a claymore slightly upward it will end up with two kill zones. One near, as the ball bearings are climbing and again, far away, as gravity drags them back down. As long as you don't angle it to far upward the bearings will still have quite a bit of power behind them as they follow a shallow arc back toward the ground.
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