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Full Version: Glitching
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The number of 1's neccesary to Glitch on a test is equal to 1.5x your Skill Rating, round up (minimum 1). Attribute-Only tests suffer a Glitch on a number of 1's equal to one-half their Dice Pool or greater, as normal.

As brought up in another thread, high attribute characters with a minimal (Rating 1) skill training can succeed at tasks far beyond their skill level reliably. While I do agree that this should be entirely possible, I also believe their should be a penalty associated with them not having the knowledge or training neccesary for the task at hand. This lead me to come up with new rules for Glitching, based off a character's skill rating.

  • Reduces the chance of a Glitch on tasks a character is skilled in
  • Increases the chance of a Glitch on tasks a character is not skilled in
  • Reduces the chance of a Glitch due to negative dice pool modifiers

  • Increases the chance of a Glitch due to positive dice pool modifiers

Given the usual examples of Glitching, such as your gun jamming, I consider reducing the chance of such a Glitch because of vision impairment to be a Pro, but I can see why some would argue that as a Con. Basically, I would like feedback on this idea, particularly how to deal with the issue of Glitch chances increasing when you have positive dice pool modifiers. I have already considered making it 1.5x Skill Rating or one-half Dice Pool, whichever is greater, but that defeats the purpose of this (greater chance of screwing something up if you lack the appropriate skills). Changing it to 1.5x Skill Rating or one-half Dice Pool, whichever is lower, would not change any of the problems, while adding new ones.

Suggestions are welcome.

how about this. player roll 2 diffrent color dice one for skill one for stat.

if all the skill dice show up as ones it a glich. if it also failed it is a crital glich.

(was going to say 1/2 but it think it would up the glich way to much. this sould be even for 1/2 skill 1/2 stat chataters high for mostly stat some skill and lower for mostly skill some stat.)

dice mods come off of stat 1st.
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