I'm trying to create a drake character for 3rd Edition and am having trouble finding a few important stats. After reading Dragons of the Sixth World and the related errata, I've still got some questions I'm hoping someone could help me with:

Do drakes get the extra 1D6 to initiative like most critters?

When in dracoform, do you have access to Dragonspeech telepathy? I know 4E lets you learn it as a metamagic with a tutor, but I couldn't find any 3E info.

Can drakes fly? If so, what's the run mult. for flight? DotSW says that real dragon's flight is magic/spell linked so I wasn't sure.

Does the increase in Karma Pool come at the 10th or 20th point? It seems like it would be at 20 like a shapeshifter, but I was wondering if having your human form as a default had any effect on the Karma increase.