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Full Version: Essence Drain?
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When you get old you sometimes can't remember which rules were RAW and which were home rules. Help me out here:

Provided the victim does not die, does the essence drained by a vampire recoup as the blood loss recoups or is the essence loss permanent?

Essence Loss is permanent, barring revitalization genetic treatment.
Where do you find Revitalization Treatment?
Augmentation, genetics section... wait one.. page 88

It also specifically states that while it can restore the essence from implants, energy drain and addition, the reduction to the maximum magic/resonance attribute remains in effect.

IE: A mage gets his essence drained by a Vamp to 5.0. He gets Revitalization, taking *FOREVER* (10 months, its rather slow) to get his Essence back to 6.0. His max Magic is still 5 without Initiating.
If you get essence drained, does that leave a 'hole' you can fill in with Cyber/Bioware?
The ruling from on high is no.
OUCH! Get that treatment right quick!!!
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