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Full Version: Licenses and Permits
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I don't see these ever getting mentioned in discussions of important gear and bullshitting techniques, yet they are one of the most important auxiliary tools a runner can have.

First off, the obvious: gear permits. You need a driver's license, a gun permit, a spellcasting license, etc. You also need guns and cars to be registered, but I would tend to assume that that is included in the cost of the gear. You could get away with not having the gun permit if you don't take the gun anywhere you have to check it, but if you go to a place where they pat you down or a detector catches you with it, you are in trouble. As for the sorcery license, you may not cast spells publicly, but any cop/security mage who assenses you can see you are a mage if you're not masked, and they aren't about to believe that you don't ever use that power.

Now, for the fun part. The fake license can be used for plenty of stuff besides gear. Get creative here. If you are going into a rural area, a hunting license gives you an excuse to be seen carrying rifles and shotguns.

How about a fake medical license? Yes, this could get you a day job or the right to order prescription drugs, but the real use is for travel. See, a medical license is also a license to get away with speeding, get hurried through lines, etc. etc. because ITS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY LET ME THROUGH OR THE PATIENT COULD DIE!!! Not to mention the automatic respect that being a doctor gets you.

Private detectives license- obvious uses. Gets you a legit reason to be asking questions and shadowing people. Downside is if people believe you are a private eye, they will think of you as shady.

Aaaand, last but not least, a press pass. Want to get backstage? VIP treatment for a review you are doing? Openly videotape things without arousing suspicion? Get into conferences and special events? Bingo. Start a blog to get some credentials, get a nice pass from a professional association for writers, photographers, or cameramen. Hell, I'm planning to do this in real life. Backstage, here I come!
And bodyquard license lets you get away with carrying guns in many places.
Also, consider buy fake credentials to back up your Fake SIN's data trail and aid in Con tests.

"Hey, you! This is a restricted area! Get back behind the police line. Now!"

"Officer, you should have your men clear the area immediately so none of them a negatively affected by the <magical mumbo jumbo> going on here."

"What the frag!? Yeah, like you're some kind of magical know it all."

"Actually..." (produces real-looking Th.D. certification from MIT&T) "I think I may be able to help you out with this situation. If you let me. And I hope you do. This could be very, very dangerous."

"Oh, hell. Maybe you do know what you're talking about. Clear the area! Let this man do his thing."

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