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Full Version: Your Opinion on Fixer Knowledge
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So, the Johnson needs a job done, and he makes contact with the players through their fixer(s). My question is simple: How much do you believe the Johnson will tell the Fixer about the job?

I'd always played it as the Johnson only revealing things on a "need to know" basis, but my players seem frustrated that they know virtually nothing about the run until they get to the negotiation table.

Well, the fixer needs only few things to know first. The Johnson will give him the specifications of the team he needs. The fixer will give him the available teams and some informations "about not-to-do's" of the team and then will get the decision of the Johnson, which team he choose. After that he will give the fixer a short review of the job, so what kind of job it is, extraction, sabotage, survielence, and also some informations how long this job will take and if it is out of town, if this wasn't in the requirements allready.

This is enough information for the fixer to get his team to the meeting. Perhaps he allready know how much the Johnson want to pay for the job. Sometimes there are some special informations the characters want. If there are spirits as enemy or what kind of opposition there is (syndicat or corperate forces?).

Well, the fixer needs informations to gather the team and no detail informations about the job. The less he know the better it is.

The Johnson can specify the kind of job without problem. "Need a team with hacker for onsite operations, that can also deal with strong physical security (mostly active)."

The details would have to wait for the meet. Some minor advance information can be gained by finding and hacking the Johnsons commlink straight before the meet. Matrix-savy Johnsons will be able to deal with that, so thread carefully.
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