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Full Version: vehicle armor vs. personal armor
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ok, i'm looking at personal armor mod for vehicles. this applies to all outside damage? bullets? ramming? rockets? flying squirrels? if someone is throwing bullets at you do you count the vehicle's normal armor and the personal armor and the character's armor? What about ramming(i know I asked twice)?
I was under the impression that the Personal Armor mod just applied to anti-personnel-type damage (bullets, grenades, etc.) as an alternative to plating up your Jackrabbit like a mini-tank. It's not to protect the vehicle itself from damage, but the passengers. So having bullet-resistant glass and ballistic-weave upholstery wouldn't do much to keep you from totalling the car if you ran it into a lamp post (and doesn't stop your passengers from rattling around or going through the windshield). It will do a bit to ameliorate the damage from small-arms fire and the like, just as the worn equivalent would, but not to the same extent as actual vehicle armor.

But, yeah, looking at the rules, if you put both it *and* vehicle armor on, you would use it to reduce the damage of any attacks that made it through the plating and threatened the passengers, but not damage to the vehicle itself - unless, maybe, it was a called shot at an interior component.
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