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Full Version: Corruption Metamagic
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Could a toxic mage with the metamagic Corruption use it to transform an Insect Spirit? Or for that matter a shadow spirit or shedim?
I don't *think* so. A Shedim or Shadow Spirit or Insect Spirit is so alien to a regular spirit that it has no "evil" analogue.
Shedim and insect spirits are from the deep metaplanes, they are unique entities all their own and don't follow the normal rules for spirits.
Still, toxic insect spirits could be interesting...

...Mothra, anyone? biggrin.gif
I was thinking toxic fly/locust spirit being pestilence/plague would be kind of fun.
Rules wise? No you can't.

Although I herd FrankTrollman at one point talking about how he had written up rules about different shedim and the like. Someone also just necroed one of his old posts talking about toxic shamans and stating them.

That being said if you are the GM sure why not? Sometimes the GM gets to throw in "stuff that should not be" into the mix just to make it interesting. If it was all the same with no variance, and the players have read all the rules then where is the spice that the GM can use to add flavor to the game?

Rules-wise? Where in the rules does it say you can't?

As far as I can see, there's no limitations on what kind of spirits the corruption power can be used on and there's nothing in the insect spirit rules about being banished and re-summoned or being corrupted.
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