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Full Version: Flying changelings.
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Any mention of them in the fluff? Or any metahuman that can fly, that is not a drake? More for my own perverse curiousity than anything else.
The Neutronium Alchemist
Pixies can fly. So can dwarfs, although how far depends on the strength of the troll that's throwing them.
Yes. I meant something along the lines of Rebecca whats-her-face in the fluff - someone who got snapped up by a corp and abused until they'd wrung all they could out of them. Except with gas sacs or wings rather than a catgirl.
One hopeful bump, since search isn't helping me.
Other than with Gliders, Magic and (un)controlled explosions I'm not aware of flying Metahumans.
Lockheed Sparrow (FPMV)? (Arsenal p.112)
There's nothing that comes to my mind; however, I would really like to see some changeling flight. Somewhere (flesh forms with bug spirits, IIRC) it talks about nonfunctional wings, but that's about it.

However, a f6 Levitate spell while under the effects of a f6 Air Spirit's Mobility (?) Power ~ 180 meter fly speed.
Agreed. Nothing sparks a memory about if there was text about a winged changeling with the ability to fly under their own power or having a Critter-esque power. I looked through the SURGE portions of Street Magic & found nothing that pertains to wings.
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