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When RPing, I like to use miniatures for a good visual guide to what's going on in game. I don't use them tactically (like in D&D) or anything like that. Just as a cool way to make complicated action scenes immediately clear.

Anyway, I've found a lot of appropriate minis for shadowrunners but my problem is, they're all humans. The variety for human cyberpunk minis is vast, but I can't find any good sci fi dwarves, orks, trolls, or elves. I know Ral Partha put out a bunch of shadowrun minis ages ago, and i have some, but to be honest, theyre not very good.

Anyone know of any good shadowrunesque minis for the other races?
Roy Fokker
are you looking for prepainted or unpainted? if unpainted, i'd say warhammer 40k gives you a good selection of humans, scifi elves (eldar), orks (obviously orcs), and trolls (chaos mutants, ogres/ogryn). they used to make space dwarves but they're long gone from production. hasslefree makes a cool line of current/near future adventurers (scifi not fantasy) as well as space scifi dwarves (but mainly beardless if that matters to you). i'd also look into the heroscape toy line as well as horrorclix and heroclix for prepainted figs appropriate for shadowrun (cops, corp agents, street sams, mages, etc.)
For humans:
The Necromunda line is particularly nice for Shadowrun, and can often be found pretty cheap (kind of a sub-set of Warhammer 40k).

Also the Spinespur game is an urban/horror mix, and has some very reasonably priced blisters of assorted gangers, with a mix of heads and weapons you can mix/match to make some pretty cool themed gangs (if that's your ball of wax).

For others:
Ditto the main 40k reference. There's space elves, space orks, you name it. Shouldn't be too hard to find 'em on ebay or somewhere for a halfway reasonable price.

If you're okay with prepainted minis (I'm not for "real" wargames, but I have a ton of 'em specifically for RPG minis, like you describe), check out some Star Wars miniatures sometimes. They don't always mesh up perfectly to Shadowrun races, but there's all kinds of freaky alien-types with cyberpunk/sci-fi weapons (good for SURGElings, maybe) -- and as with any prepainteds, you can find them for dirt cheap as long as you don't care what's rare/super rare/ultra rare/whatever. You can buy buckets of 'em for next to nothing, as long as they're all commons.

i found this thread kinda interesting...

These are the old Ral Partha. I use them and I have a guy who is an awesome painter who makes them look wonderful.
I use mainly Foundry Miniature's Street Violence line and Copplestone's Future Wars line. My games tend to be more street level than corporate intrigue, to these minis work out well. My problem is finding sci fi/cyberpunk models of other races.

I used to be a GW employee, and after seeing what a nightmare that company is, I refuse to put any more money in their pocket. So I won't be using any warhammer 40k models in my games. Besides, I don't think they really "match" the look of cyberpunk at all. Space Orks look nothing like a shadowrun Ork. I'm not looking for minis that TOTALLY match, but it would be nice if they came close.

Painted/unpainted doesn't matter to me. I consider myself more than adequate as a painter and don't mind putting the work in on the minis.

So, once again, anyone know of any good sci fi/cyberpunk models that would be good proxies for shadowrun dwarves, elves, orks or trolls?
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