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Full Version: Looking for Knight Errant info
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I was curious if there was ever a full write up on the organizational structure of Knight Errant ala the old Lone Star book(FASA 7115). I'm mainly looking for major differences in the hierarchy and operational procedures. The wiki hasn't been much help aside from the Ares Corporate organization article.
I don't recall there having been one. I could go back through all my books and look just to be sure.
None that I know of.

Knight Errant evolved over the time, from a pure rent-a-cop operation to a broader one including Blackwater-style business. Back in Corporate Shadowfiles, Ares Arms used to control Ares military assets, while Year of the Comet featured "Knight Errant intel & recon battalion" in California.
A nice addition to SR4 would be a security sourcebook. It could detail all the large and small security organizations of the world.

Anyway just a thought.
QUOTE (toetag @ Feb 14 2009, 01:45 PM) *
A nice addition to SR4 would be a security sourcebook. It could detail all the large and small security organizations of the world.

Anyway just a thought.

Absolutely. That would be my favorite book in the entire shadowrun line.

All the organizations, all the different divisions of each, how the teams are organized (such as how magical security specialists are spread out), as well as how different Corps organize their own security divisions.

Plus DETAILED lists of gear these guys are issued, what they have access to if they need more firepower, etc.

And security procedures...
And... OMG. *Dies because he doesn't have a book like this.*
No, because first off there'd have to be a whole book on KE like Lone Star, and there isn't.

However, Corporate Security Handbook is written from the perspective of KE based on their history and their sales promotions -- and go into what they can do and do from physical and matrix security to how their executive security teams are composed. There is also a bit in the Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life about private security organizations that do low-level commercial and private security, and includes what they are are aren't legally allowed to do (i.e., kill people for looking at them funny).

The thing about KE in Silicon Valley is twofold. One, sending in overt military forces would have been a very hostile act. KE was there to secure and protect Ares' assets in the area, officially. Second, Corporate Shadowfiles listed the sizes of all of the Big Eight's militaries. With the exception of Aztechnology, they are all pretty small; That is that Ares only has a light regiment (which is about the size of the entire force they sent to California, interestingly enough).

Second, KE is not just corpcops. They specialize in counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, and special operations. They would have the best and largest advanced intelligence assets within the corporation, and thus those are the guys you want to send to a place like Silicon Valley. Also, it makes sense when you look at the Battle of Chico-Oroville Dam that they would have recruited a ton of runners for that defense when the Ares California forces' own head of intelligence was a former runner.

I completely forgot about the Corporate Security Handbook. Hopefully I've still got it in my storage unit. Thanks for the reminder.

I really would love an SR4 Security handbook. Slogging through fifteen+ year old books that timeline wise are just as old makes me think we need we tad bit of an update.
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