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Full Version: Enhancement Or Accessory?
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- Sorry if this has already been brought up on this site, but I was unable to find anything with 'search.'
The BBB ( Pg, 303,) states "Note that cyberware accessories must be of the same grade as the implant they are added to."
Later in the BBB, (Pg 337,) there is a short table labled Cyberlimb Accessories, which only includes Cyberarm Gyromounts, Cyberarm Slides, Cyber Holsters, Hydraulic Jacks, and Large Smuggling Compartment. Is the "accessories must match the grade of the implant" rule restricted to this list, or is it intended to apply more widely? ( I'm guessing it's the latter.)
If it is intended to be more widely applied, what counts as an 'accessory?' Is a strength upgrade an accessory? What about a datajack or a handblade? I guess I'm just a little confused. Any help or clarification would be appreciated. cyber.gif

( As to WHY I'm asking such a nit-picky question, I'm making a character who's starting with a lot of alphaware cyberlimbs and lots of stuff IN those cyberlimbs,
so the cost differences involved are large chunks of my starting nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif .)
Latter. Any cyber that's added to another cyber part and uses up capacity is an accessory.
The other main point at which this sort of thing applies is to cyber eye and cyber ear packages as well as stuffing headware into a cyberskull.
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