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Full Version: Eidetic Sense Memory adept power
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Does the adept power Eidetic Sense Memory (SM, p. 176) override or make redundant the Quality Photographic Memory (SR4, p. 80)?

The Quality specifically mentions a dice modifier for Memory Tests, whereas the adept power makes no such mention, but says, "Besides perfect photographic visual memory, the adept can recall sounds..." etc. Does this mean the adept power removes the possibility of forgetting?

What if a character has both the Quality and the adept power?
The adept power is superior (the quality states that the character rarely forgets things) - and you get the equivalent of the speed reading quality from Runner's Companion, too.

The only advantage to having the quality and the power is that you won't suddenly become forgetful in areas with high background count. wink.gif

The best "photographic memory", though, is a simrig. It's like having a photographic memory that you can share with other people.
It has been answered before, the adept power is better then the quality. Hell, the memory enhancing bioware is better then the quality. The memory enhancing nano is almost as good as the quality.
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