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I seem to have misplaced my BBB, and I need the cost of a few quick items..

Level 1 Contacts
Level 2 Contacts
Level 3 Contacts

Eurocar Westwind 2000 (Turbo)

Oh, and I don't have my M&M with me, so if I could get the Essence and cost for a Math SPU Rating 3, I'd be much appreciative.
Level 1 Contacts - 5,000
Level 2 Contacts - 10,000
Level 3 Contacts - 200,000

Eurocar Westwind 2000 (Turbo) - 138,000

Math SPU Rating 3 - Essence 0.2 - 11,000

Cybernetically calculating buying that car just sent your bank account into the red - priceless
I've got a cool mil to drop, so I'm not too worried.. It's the Cultured Tailored Pheromones that is going to cost me.. I'm going to have to pay about 4 times the standard (after Cultured modifiers) price, since the Availability is 14 instead of 8...

But, hey.. what kind of face would I be if I didn't have a 13 in Charisma?

Anyway.. Thank you for the info.
But, hey.. what kind of face would I be if I didn't have a 13 in Charisma?

A starting character face? grinbig.gif
True, but this isn't exactly 'starting'.. I've been given some freedom... But with only 125 building points.. And I have to pay extra for those Tailored Pheromones..

But, even without it, I've got a Charisma of 9.
So can any self-respecting and unusually charismatic Elf or twelve-year-old Otaku.

Of course.. But how many of them have Skill Aptitude (Negotiation), Good Reputation (2 pts), and Friend Face?
Dunno about the aptitude, and maybe not Friendly Face, but Good Reputation is pretty common in my experience.
On a side note, Elf Otaku with 1s in all physical attributes are scarily charismatic.

Oh, I know.. I've played an Elven Otaku before..

Something about having all of your mental attributes in the double digits scares everyone..
And then they earn some money and get a L2 Cerebral Booster...

And Encephelon Computer rating 2 with a Math SPU 3...

Yeah.. Elven Otaku can be pretty fucking scary in the Matrix.
Though they may get outclassed by Human Otaku because of the greater abilities of the Humans at chargen to the tune of 10 BPs and the increased karma pool earning capacity of Humans.
Still, it's hard to beat the intimidation factor of having a mental stat at 11, and two once you get that cerebral booster...

Ok, here's the character I've got so far.. I haven't fleshed out contacts and enemies yet, but I do have a little black book with over 50 level 1 contacts of the female variety.. Tell me what you think...

Name: Charles Jasper Lyons
Street Name: Skirt (which he is rather fond of ‘chasing’.)
Concept: The best damn face ever.
Points: 125
Race: Elf
Archetype: Face
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (still very young looking, however)
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 225lbs
Hair: Dark Brown, long, usually pulled back into a French braided ponytail.
Eyes: Emerald Green

Unique Traits: He likes to dress in stylish clothing, and has a golden bracelet he won several years back at the world poker tournament.

Personality: He’s got a penchant for the women. He’s a recently recovered gambling addict, and still seems to have a taste for the sauce. He tends to avoid conflict of any sort, but wont back down when pushed into a corner. He prefers less than lethal methods of disposal, and would rather talk his way out of a situation if at all possible. While he doesn’t believe in any sort of ‘god’, he certainly acknowledges that there’s something out there that is watching over him.

History: Charles has always had the ability to get what he wanted, from the very first day he could speak. His parents, both being spike babies, decided they’d rather not raise Charles to think that he was any different, and as such, he has always been equally accepting of peoples of all race, gender, creed, and ethnicity.

In his earlier years he fancied himself a bit of a gambler, and spent the majority of his youth working at various bars and restaurants, spending every bit of cred he had at the Gates Casino. Occasionally he’d get into debt to a few unsavory types, and would have to do some ‘side work’ to make ends meet.

His lucky day hit several years back when he entered the 2057 World Poker Tournament, and won the Million-dollar prize. He bought himself a top of the line sports car, a nice piece of bioware to help him with the ladies, fixed himself up with a nice condo, and spent the rest foolishly, taking various women out to the nicest and most expensive restaurants in Seattle, and living it up like a big wig.

Several years later, however, Charles is now almost broke, with a condo he can barely afford, working at the same Casino where he had hit it big back in ’57, and a few outstanding debts to pay off. He’s kept up with most of the people he met back in his hey days, and has a history with just about every bartender, bouncer, and cocktail waitress in the most happening spots in town.

Charles has gotten back into working as a numbers runner for the local Mob, and works as a bartender in the V.I.P. room at the Gates Casino. In what spare time he has left, he likes to do odd jobs for anyone who needs things done.

Appearance: An incredibly attractive Elvin man, tall, thin, and fit. His face is usually accompanied by a charming smile, and gives off a vibe that you just can’t help but seem to enjoy.

Astral Signature: Appears to be rather mundane, with only a slight hint of body mods.

Body: He’s not going to win any body building competitions, but he’s in good shape.
Quickness: His height and slender figure gives him decent agility, but nothing that your typical runner hasn’t seen before (or better, for that matter).
Strength: Well defined muscles, but not enough to scare or intimidate anyone.
Charisma: Well, what can be said? He’s everybody’s best friend. The chicks love him, and the guys want to be him. You know the deal.
Intelligence: Never at a loss for words, and never caught off guard in an intellectual debate.
Willpower: He seems to be able to control himself just fine, except when around the ladies.

Body: 4
Quickness: 4
Strength: 4
Charisma: 9 (13)
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 4

Essence: 6.0
Body Index: 0.9
Magic: 0
Reaction: 5
Initiative: 5 + 1d6

Karma Pool: 1
Good Karma/Total Karma: 0
Reputation: 2

-Dice Pools-
Combat Pool: 7
(Other pools as necessary)

-Active Skills-
Athletics - 4
Stealth - 2
Negotiate - 6 (10)
Etiquette – 6 (10)
Pistol - 4
Muy Thai Kickboxing - 4 (Kick Attack, Kip-Up)

-Knowledge Skills-
Seattle Clubs - 6
Seattle Bars - 6
Psychology - 6
Mixed Drinks - 6
Gambling - 6

-Language Skills-
English - 6
read/write - 3
French - 2
read/write - 1
Japanese - 1

-Gear- (cost)
5 suits, Tres Chic clothing (5,000)
10 outfits, Fine Clothing (5,000)
10 outfits, Ordinary Clothing (500)
Secure Long Coat (650)
Half-Body Suit, Form Fitting Body Armor (1,000)
Armante Dallas Line for Men
- Cross-buttoned Shirt (600)
- Double Breasted Jacket (1,000)
- Slacks (400)
- Vest (250)
Executive Suite Line (1,100)
Eurocar Westwind 2000, Turbo SE (138,000)
12 months prepaid Medium Lifestyle (60,000), Snazzy, well furnished condo in Tacoma.
Lifetime Low Lifestyle (100,000), Crappy abandoned warehouse in the Puyallup Barrens, shared with Brandt Thibadeaux (See Contacts for more information)
Doc-Wagon Contract, Platinum Service, 1 year prepaid (50,000)
Gold Bracelet, World Poker Tournament Champion 2057, with name inscribed (Priceless)
Wrist-Mode Cell phone w/flip-up screen (250)
Pocket Secretary (2,000)
Table Top Personal Computer with 5,000Mp w/3 way Printer-Scanner-Faxing Machine and Matrix access (6,000)
Music Playback unit with Quad Speakers, high quality (1,500)
200 Music Disc Chips (4,000)
Video Playback unit with Big Screen, connected to Music Playback and Quad Speakers, high quality (5,000)
200 Video Disc Chips (4,000)
Morrissey Alta Heavy Pistol (w/built in Laser Sight) (1,200)
4 extra clips (20)
60 gel rounds (180)
60 regular rounds (120)
Concealable Quick-Draw Holster (150)
Morrissey Elan Hold-Out Pistol (MADs proof) (500)
3 extra clips (15)
20 gel rounds (60)
20 regular rounds (40)
Concealable Quick-Draw Holster (150)

-Augments (Cyber/Bioware)-
Cultured Tailored Pheromones, Rating 2. (180,000)
Increases dice rolled by 4 for all Charisma and Social skill tests made when in direct contact with metahuman capable of smell.

Aptitude (Negotiation) (4 pts) (Gets a –1 to all TN#s for all Negotiation checks)
Great Reputation (2 pts) (Gets a –2 to all TN#s for social tests when his reputation is known)
Friendly Face (1 pt) (Gets a –1 to all TN#s for social tests when attempting to fit into a new environment (city, group, job, whatever…)
Bonus Attribute (Charisma) (2 pts) (Raises one attribute [Charisma] by an additional point. This can be used to raise an attribute beyond the normal starting maximum, but does not increase the racial maximum.

Pacifist (2 pts) (Cannot take a life except in self defense. Must kill in as humane a manner as possible. Cannot participate in assassination missions or contract killings of any sort.)
Day Job (3 pts) (Must work at least 40 hours a week at various jobs [20 hours at Gates Casino, and well over 20 hours a week as a numbers runner for the local Mob], pays upwards of 5,000 nuyen a month.)
Extra Enemy (1 pt) (Begin play with extra enemy)
Sensitive System (3 pts) (Doubles the Essence/Body Index of any Cyberware, Bioware, or Nanoware.)



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