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One of the quotes I love from SR is the one about just when you're finishing a 'run, someone could be starting a 'run against you.

Has anyone been the target of a run [and I don't mean just people taking revenge for things the Player Characters have done] ??

What happened ??
What was it about ??
How did it go ??
My first character, an infiltration specialist named Raven was out for a drink in with nothing but a synthleather jacket and some shock gloves (SR3), and some-one tried to KO me while I was in the john. I coathangared the guy coming out of the bathroom, when his accomplice opened fire on me across the dancefloor. Que long chase scene involving a cab being destroyed by a thunderbolt, trying to evade a Westwind and mage on foot, knocking out the mage and beating an intercept by the rigger allowing me to jump past him, into the drivers seat, and steal his vehicle.

I called my fixer, telling him I was being targeted, which was lucky, because I got stopped by some gangers (after defusing the auto-destruct bomb under the rigger's seat) demanding toll (that I didn't have, because I threw my credstick at the cabby who's ride was destroyed), and I was about to get torn up when two combat monkey mercs showed up in a car and blew the gangers away. It turned out they were runners hired by my fixer to look out for me. I paid him back with a generous cut from fencing the Westwind.

As for what it was about, it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. I tracked down the Johnson who gave the order, abseiled onto his balcony, beat him senseless and tied him up for an interrogation. Suddenly, the door burst open, a smoke grenade and bullets flying through the room, killing the tied up johnson, and when I finally got the drop on my adversary, I found myself staring into a mirror image of my own face.

My character didn't know it, but for some reason he had what was (by all appearances) a twin, who the op had actually been against.
Yeah, right now. One of my party-members took the 'hunted' flaw, another took 'enemies' and many of them ran against a corporation that holds a grudge. Right now the mafia hired a team of hit-men to track them down, capture one of them, kill another, and do what they please with the rest. The run is still ongoing, but the characters don't quite realize the 'why' (they don't realize the one character is hunted), so they're trying to 'buy' their freedom by finishing up another job for the mafia, basically pro bono.
Well, my group is about to find out what it is like to have runs against them. The group failed their last op (with a 75% mortality rating) due to rushed planning against a Lone Star Spec Op team. The only survivor was the groups mage who ran away because of an Air Spirits Fear effect. Now the mob, who hired them in the first place, is looking to finish the job. The players who perished are going to be the hirelings of the mage's mentor, sent to keep him alive.

Should be interesting.
Once a Face/Mage of mine (an elven bitch with troumbled past and some pretty nasty tricks up to hers sleaves) once got some unwanted attenctions by the son of a boss of a Yakuza clan, who didn't care if she wanted to have sex with him or not, it ended with hers knee slamming hard on his crotch (she didn't want to escalate so she just run away). The bastard chose to take it personal and sent a hit-team hers way, mid run; the team lost two members and the hit-team was obliterated by the corpsec guards (they ambushed our team on our way out but got hit by a very strong chaotic world spell and opened fire on the guards as well).
After that the team went in hiding contacting only the fixer, resulting in the fixer selling them to the bastard; however the team didn't trust anyone so the hacker was tapping the fixer feeds to see if he was plaing foul, discovering the identity of the enemy. At that point the team found having to chose what to do, they had one of the two combat specialists dead, the other still recovering (he was bitten by a devil rat and contracted VITAS 2, my character magic managed to keep him alive long enough to let him reach the point were the deseas doesn't worsen, and prevented the rest of the team from getting ill, but he was still in no place for fighting) and the investigator/mundane healer was the other casuality (another member was also injured but it was a minor wound), their resources were limited as the one who usualy got them the gear was trying to sell them and they had to deal with a Yakuza clan that wasn't inclined toward diplomacy; the solution was simple: contacts.
In past the group had run into to some problems of the awakened type (namely a blood mage bitch and hers chummer bloodzilla, which gone free, snacked on her fragging the bounty of the DF and started going after our troll cyberdude because it wanted a body to inhabit that reflected its iner feminity, O.o !!!) and to solve them they got in contact with a voodoon initiatory circle and one of its hougan became the talismonger contact of my character. The negotiation resulted being very simple the team would have brougth to the circle a component for some magical/alchemical dreck they were working on and the circle would have assisted the team; the component required was a blood sample of a girl who had sex in the last hour (and a few of them offered their help to make my character's blood suitable), my girl told them that she would have brought them the sample the day after, and so the next day morning handed them a vial containing blood (of the cats that the team had for dinner last night). The terms of the agreedment didn't state explicitly when the circle had to perform its part so they refused to do anything before checking the quality of the semple, which resulted to be OK (naughty cats).
Once all was prepared the girl calls the fixer and tells him that she needs to talk to him and she didn't trust to do it on the matrix so she needed to do it in the flesh; naturaly at the meeting she got captured by the Yaks. She was sure that she would have been brought to the bastard so he could rape her (so he could atone for the shame of having been beated by a girl), what she didn't expect was that the bastard had chosen to offer her as entertainment for a meeting betwen the heads of several Yakuza clans (in ather words a BSM gang rape). The pigs had started beating her when the Yaks mages freaked out because "something big" had just smashede the wards protecting the place: the help that the voodoon circle had promised had come.
Said help consisted in a force 15 guardian spirit which was sent in a quick metaplanar trip around about 9 different metaplanes to coceal the link betwen it and the circle, and to have it return into the gaiasphere just at a spitting distance from the HQ of the DPI. As anyone can understand the apparence of a such monstruosity caused the Lone Star going into an uproar, sending some mages into the metaplanes to track down the summoner(s) and a few other to see what it was going to do (and to try to prevent it from causing damage); in this way the deeps followed it to place of the meeting, and saw group of peoples that was about to rape a girl, and the spirit possessing a guard and starting mauling the dudes. In the whole mess the deeps called for the FRTs and SWATs, my character freed herself got the frag out of there (with a suitcase full of certified credsticks) and after a while the spirit (who had been jumping around, possessing various Yaks making them fight among themselves) left the party and went to posses the fixer, having him to walk in a gouls den. The media jumped at the new big thing broadcasting the Star breaking in into a Yakuza meeting forcing the Star to pull no punches (or lose the face) and cracking down on the yaks hard; in the meanwhile the circle broke the link betwen them and the spirit in order to avoid the Star to track them down, resulting in the free spirit going free. Once free the spirit chose to put an end to its unfinished buisness with the Yaks and to give the team more time to disappear so possesed a Star's policewoman, had her take down hers clothes (in front of the trideocameras) leaving her with only hers chainmail underwear ( eek.gif yes she had chainmail underwear) and declare that she was Barbara the barbarianess, ripped an old style traffic sign out of the sidewalk and went to town on the Yaks using the sign as a club.
At the end of the story the Yaks were hurting badly, with the other sindacates taking advantage of the bleeding (thing that plaesed my character immensely, she had suffered at the hands of the Yakuza in hers past and she hated them to the gut), the Strar recived alot of press for its successes against organized crime (and for a certain agent that went around half naked beating the crap out of criminals), the guardian spirit had entered into a formula pact with the policewoman, who quit the Star and entered Horizon (she also got biosculpted, but that was only because it was required for the spirit pact wink.gif ) and the team had obliterated their past identities and any reference to them; when we were hit by the hit-team we were quite pissed off but after that it has been a blast.
I once had a group do a series of jobs that were -- to them -- of no particular importance (since no one researched much). Then, about ten sessions into the game, I told everyone I wanted to take a little break, run a one-off game, and try out some of the new stuff in Cannon Companion. I had 'em all whip up Tir Ghosts, gave out all kinds of bonus character generation points, encouraged them to take top-notch gear, and reminded them I wanted to try out some of the new full auto rules, fancy new guns, etc, etc, etc.

Then, I sent their Ghost team into Seattle to methodically hunt down and capture their regular Shadowrunners, which I ran as NPCs going about their documented "down time" between-job activities.

The next session, we got back to business (starting the game with them in the custody of a Prince they'd wronged, who was asking them all sorts of unpleasant questions about a briefcase they'd never opened, yadda yadda yadda). It was a fun diversion, and made them really appreciate the value of teamwork. As a group, they were a badass crew of murder machines. Taken one at a time, none of them lasted very long at all.
Phylos Fett
The team that I was GMing for was a target for a run once. They'd managed to pull off a particularly successful run (i.e., they somehow managed to completely thwart the run that I had sent them on), and the items/data that they managed to away with was hot property, so the team that they were supposed to be up against in the run for said property (there was more than one corp interested in the stuff, naturally) did a bit of legwork and targeted the team to get the stuff from them to make their meet with their own Mr J. The legwork led them to some of the team's contacts, which led them to some of the team members. Never did get to finish that campaign, but it was shaping up to be a good confrontation as to see who was going to get who in the end...
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