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Full Version: Jetpacks?
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hack and slasher
Do jet/rocket-packs exist in shadowrun yet? if so where are they?
sadly, no.
but strap some flying drone to your back that has enough lifting power for your body and you are good to go
Why do you need jetpacks when you can have a flying carpet?

No, but there are personal Aerial mobile vehicles, which do the same thing, in Arsenal.
Kanada Ten
QUOTE (Arsenal page 114)
Lockheed Sparrow (FPMV)

While classic jetpacks are still far from mass production, the size of hoverjets has shrunk considerably. This flying personal mobility vehicle (FPMV) is considered by many to be a rich man's toy, but with the advent of AR controls and wireless transponders, flying a Sparrow around the city is not as dangerous as it once was and the price is continually dropping. Basically a human-sized frame with two vector thrust engines mounted, the Sparrow is useful for avoiding traffi c and other dangers on the ground.

Similar Models: Entertainment Systems JetMan, Saeder-Krupp CV-11 Vogel
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