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*EDIT: I'm building the character, see my next post. I am looking for input/feedback for the character and gang. Also, if any of you want to build Major, Minor or Hanger-on Gangers, it would be greatly appricated. If people show interest and I get permission from the other players, I'll even pack up the gang into a drop-in group that GMs can use. Minor changes made to PC/Main Ganger production rules*

Well, my group has decided that since I have a military class that I'm going to be gone for 2 months for, instead of playing my game every week we will be alternating weeks with one that one of the players is stepping up to run.

It is going to be a slightly lower power base gangers game in which the PCs are youger gangers trying to build up a go-gang. There are 6 of us, so just from PCs we will have enough to have a (very) small gang.

Here's the limits for PCs and Main Gangers
[ Spoiler ]

Here's the limits for minor gangers and hangers on
[ Spoiler ]

Current Characters PCs are building (Yes the female Characters have female Players)
'Edge' (Mine, see below. Male Ork muscle and a bouncer at 'Mons Venus')
'Sonic' (Male Human 'Biking' Adept, Daredevil)
'Wrench' (Male Human Mechanic/Semi-Hacker)
'Jessie' (Female Human B&E Thief/Ganger)
'TK' (Male Ork Ganger, hand-to-hand muscle)
'Cherry' (Female Redheaded Elven 'Face', dancer at 'Mons Venus') [Side note: promised to wear a skirt, hooker boots, and tank-top to first game to get in character. I foresee distractions.]

So I decided, even if one of those two builds a bruiser, we're lacking in combat power. So I set about building a character to cover that.

*Edit Edit*
Here is our group decided gang info. Not official yet but what we have hashed out together. Also, since all the PCs were talking about ether room-mating up or getting a gang hang-out/club-house, the GM has hand waved a free month of Low Lifestyle for all PCs who plan to live at the club-house. First game will including finding, securing, and fixing up said club-house.
[ Spoiler ]
so what're you looking for from us?
And here is the build for my 'Bruiser' so far. He is meant to be a 'Scary' brawler/shooter and works as a bouncer, thous the Intimidation 5 and Custom Look weapons. With him, we have a couple of fighters, a face, a mechanic/hacker, a B&E Thief, and a scary skilled biker (GM is letting him get away with his crazy DP of 15 on a bike)

Street Name: Edge

Work in progress

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]
Got $3,504 left unspent right now. Any ideas on what to spend it on?

Inter-PC Connections
[ Spoiler ]
I would have voted that the Contrail be the team bike, because of the impressive stats and 4 additional mod slots.
Will pass that along. We're still in the building stage, passing around emails.
Come on people. Our game is this Saturday and I need some feedback on the character. I got his history about half written right now.
You have a martial arts specialisation and no martial arts quality. Seems like a pretty cheap way to get two extra dice.
ARG! Good catch there. I had given him a couple levels of martial arts in the original build, but I dropped them and forgot to change that spec. Fixed it now, changed to Unarmed: 3 and Perception (Vision): 2 (4). That will make him a little better at spotting 'trouble', which make sense in his job as a bouncer.
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