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Any rules for the future version of this in the game or anyone's house rules?

AFE nuyen.gif
check out the military armor in arsenal, specifically its strength and mobility upgrades...
Just take a suit of heavy military armour, slap a gyromount on it, an ares mp-III laser cannon, a shishi-operational mechanics power core and walk around pretending you're a Wraithlord. For bonus points, paint it yellow and blue.

How you'll obtain the 10million nuyen you need for a power core is beyond me.
Dodge Guardian
Walker Mode
2 Full Mechanical Arms
<Insert 2 mod slots here>

If your DM is up to it, remove the internal mount to get 2 slots back. A motorcycle IRL weighs roughly 500 lbs when full of gas. The bikes of the future, I would imagine, are more sophisticated and lightweight than that. A human in a setup like this would have roughly the same dimentions of a normal troll, and the stats would be comparable. The vehicle's Body would replace your Strength, and you're new Agility is now your Vehicle Skill +/- Handling. I suggest spec'ing your Pilot Anthroform (Biped), and you'd easily end up with about a 9 Agi. Higher even.

The book suggests the DM allow players to use the full mechanical arm as a cyberarm, and I would tend to agree. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, and I'd allow mechanical legs the same rules. If not, no sweat; you're gunna be doing fine without it anyways.

For ease of bookkeeping, I'd use the average of the vehicle's body/character's body to soak dmg, and only use one dmg track. This is however not neccessary.

This conglomeration would be reminiscient of Iron Man, with decidedly less gadgets, however. But it is a greater yield than Heavy Milspec armor in terms of capabilities (unless you're a Str 8+ char [I.E. Troll]), and while you get more defense from Milspec, you're using Vehicle Armor (read: Hardened Armor) instead, with a max armor rating of 16 if you upgrade, comparable to Heavy Milspec.

It should be noted that you can wear Heavy Milspec and "pilot" this Power Armor as well, however.
Heath Robinson
The thing about Milspec armour is that you need to move. A humanoid biped machine can be rigged for cheap additional passes.
QUOTE (Heath Robinson @ Mar 1 2009, 12:00 AM) *
The thing about Milspec armour is that you need to move. A humanoid biped machine can be rigged for cheap additional passes.

Yes, up to 5 at chargen. But if you move it at meat-body speeds, it helps mitigate the awsome power. Also, if you move at meat-body speeds, you're piloting the craft, much akin to wearing a suit of armor.
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