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Full Version: A Question about SR3 Seattle Corps in SR4
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I'm gearing up for a SR4 campaign and wanted to kick things off with an idea for an adventure I never used in SR3 using two of the local Seattle corporations from the old New Seattle sourcebook (specifically Microdeck Industries and Global Technologies). My question is this: is there any cannonical information about either of these corporations in SR4 that i need to know about or did they kind of disappear with the switch to the fourth edition?

Many thanks for any help.

In Service,
Kanada Ten
I haven't find any mention of either in Runner Havens, but that doesn't mean much. Bellevue is mentioned has having some research parks, but none are named. So, I'd guess the either haven't been mentioned, or vanished in the Crash 2.0. It's hard to imagine that somebody wouldn't pick up Global...
Prime Mover
I've always assumed Microdeck would change their name again to keep up with tech. Microcomm.
IIRC The young Brian Gates should be about the right age to be in charge of things now and he was a real shadowrunner wannabe.

Global I never really gave much thought too.
Wesley Street
They haven't been mentioned in canon but there's no reason to assume they don't still exist. The upcoming Seattle 2072 book may answer this question.
Ah... new Seattle book... exceeeelent. Thanks all.
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