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Full Version: Book Store going out of buisness!
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got Shadows of North America and Sprawl Survival Guide for under $20 each.

Any other essentials I need to look for?

Now I got:
the 2 above.

Also I'm going back to buy the wasteland one.
Rigger 3 Revised would be a good one to pick up, same with Matrix, that way you'd have all the core books.

For flavor, New Seattle would be a good one to add, as would Threats 2 or Year of the Comet.
Threats 2 is scary. I would really only suggest it if you plan on GMing, otherwise you'll look at your GM sideways if anything "out of the ordinary" happens.

It gave both me and one of my GMs nightmares. And I hadn't had a dream in several months prior to that.

Try to hunt down the GM Screen and Critters book that comes with it. Some pretty handy stuff in there.

Shadowrun Companion too. Gives rules for BP, Edges/Flaws, Metavariants, Ghouls, and Shapeshifters. Pretty nice stuff.
Doh! I can't believe I forgot the Companion. Good call tanka.

And I gotta ask... what about Threats gave you nightmares?
1) Master Shedim
2) Imps
3) Pax et al (Even though the "Taste Dissonance, slitch." bit was cool)
4) Ares + Bugs
I dunno, I guess I'm just not scared easy by movies and books. None of that stuff scared me, more than anything it got me thinking about some good plot ideas. vegm.gif
I read all the paperbacks about the Chicago infestation. I have to say it was pretty disturbing but very, very cool.

I can only pray that my GM runs something half that cool someday.

Also what is the Shadowrun Companion, I can't find it anywhere. Is that the only place with rules for flaws/edges?
Pretty much.
I recently just finished Bug City. I have a great idea. Very evil, but great.
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