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Full Version: A little slice of SR imagery.
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Friend linked me this music video Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up" and i for one get some serious Shadowrun vibes from it. The girl's dress-up and little ritual fetishes (love the fastfood knives!) mixed with the everyday environment setting makes for a very interesting scene. Very little is actually explained so the viewer's imagination is invited to fill out the context.
very nice, looks like someone is a ready for 2011. grinbig.gif

urban shaman imagery for sure. looks like someone has been talking to Coyote(besides me,that is) wobble.gif wobble.gif
That is an awesome video. Great music too and just the thing I was looking for. I was trying to get a mental image of what an Urban shaman may look like and perhaps some rituals they might preform. This is nearly perfect fit!
So what's she conjuring? A pool spirit? No seriously, what's she conjuring?
I did a quick lyrics search.

[ Spoiler ]

So maybe she is summoning a Water Elemental to umm..take care of her plants when she goes on that wiz new nature walk in NAN (I.E. Smuggling).
Very... Odd.... I think... I like it... Maybe.

I need to show it to my friend who's playing an Elven Shaman. He also happens to have a day job with Arestech as a janitor..
Wow someone likes peyote!
sadly not my cup of tea...
I like the angry wage slave (or mafia boss?) who is thinking "What the hell are you doing to my pool!?"

Slightly creepy video. Excellent urban shaman imagery. Also gives you an idea why taking your shaman to the meet isn't always a good idea.
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