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Full Version: Tweak my sheet
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Hey guys, I'm kind of a newb. I've played some one shots, SR3 and SR4, and trolled the boards here as a guest for a while.

Anyways, I'm trying to build a mystic adept face concept, and what I have right now has no real combat effectiveness, and the only thing he can really do is talk. I was hoping some of the pros could advise me on better point allocation, thanks in advance.

[ Spoiler ]

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

//edited for format as per suggestions

Also, I'm using the BBB, Street Magic, Arsenal, and Augmentation.
Well first impression...

Format your text in an {spoiler}

[ Spoiler ]

Other than that, I would recommend taking at least 1 or 2 ranks in automatics so as to make use of the Ceska. Also, just from a flavour standpoint I tend to give my faces pistols. The Hammerli with a Reactor Sting for backup is almost tailor made for a face. If you have Arsenal then the Fichetti Executive Action, Tiffani Self Defender, Morrissey Alta and Elite, among others are also much easier for a face to cart around in social situations than a machine pistol. Load them with Stick'N Shock (unless they're flechette already) and you're good to go.

Also, I didn't do the math on the points spent on active skills but I'm assuming you took the Influence Group up to 4 and didn't buy each skill individually?

Other misc suggestions would be to bind a couple spirits. It's pricey to do that after chargen. See if you can come up with enough scratch to buy a power foci too. I'd replace the armoured vest with an Actioneer Business suit (again Arsenal has a greater variety of stylish armoured clothing) and ditch everything but the nonconductive upgrade. Nonconductive helps against tazers and stickn'shock but if you're getting set on fire and doused in nasty chemicals you're already in over your head and you'd better hope the team has a street sam (or you have an F6 spirit on standby) to pull your ass out.
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